Conference Speakers – Negative Emotions are Normal and Part of any Success Journey

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Negative Emotions are Normal and Part of any Success Journey

We live in a non-authentic world where we have unrealistic expectations, caused because the society in which we live, has misled us to believe that everything in our world should be positive all the time. The unrealistic pressure we are placed under by our peers and from society at large, tell us that, unless we are perfect all the time, outperforming everyone around us, making more money than everyone else, we are not successful. Wow, no wonder we all feel so pressurised to constantly be the best at everything and we put ourselves under such pressure to try to be something we are not.

Very few people actually live authentic lives, which are aligned with their true life purpose, because they are pressurised to chase after a level and type of success they don’t even want, because of the pressure society places on them. It is time to finally break free from the bonds of this unrealistic pressure and to begin living an authentic life, where you are free to be who you really are. Stop living under the illusion that everything in your life must always be perfect or positive. This unrealistic expectation places so much pressure on us that  we spend most of our lives living in overwhelm, working ourselves to the bone, never feeling content, because we are trying to live up to an impossible standard and we are chasing after something we don’t really want.

Society expects us to be on a high all the time, driven, passionate, always positive and when we are not, there must obviously be something wrong with us. Nothing could be further from the truth, we all have rhythms and it is completely unrealistic to expect ourselves to be on a positive high all the time. Just as it is a physical impossibility to find a one-sided positive magnet, so too is it impossible to expect to live a one sided positive life only. We all experience moments of anger, frustration, anxiousness and even times when we feel down. This is just a natural part of life and if you experience any of these, so called negative emotions, there is nothing wrong with you. Our lives are filled with both positive and negative. Learn to expect challenges and negative experiences, so when they do arrive and they will, you will not allow them to overwhelm you.

Action Idea: Ask yourself the questions listed below. Your answers will help you to achieve more harmony in your life and ensure that you are acting in alignment with what you really want. These questions will help you to shift your self-worth, because if you answer any question negatively, you have the opportunity to search for ways to change the answer to a positive response. This will help you to boost your self-worth and self-appreciation and ensure that you are living a life, which is aligned with what you really want in your life.

  • Do you know what success really means to you or what has to happen before you feel successful?
  • Do you know what inspires you and drives you to take action?
  • Are you happy with your life, or are you feeling unfulfilled and like your life has no meaning?
  • Do you wake up excited by the prospects of what your day holds or do you feel like you have to struggle to get through your day?
  • Have you got a crystal clear vision for what you want to achieve in your future and do you feel inspired every day to act with passion to deliver on this vision?
  • Are you able to control your emotions or do they control you, negatively affecting you and your relationships?
  • Do you feel like you are making a valuable contribution and that what you do every day is of value.
  • Do you believe in yourself and your abilities?

It is about time you stop fooling yourself and allowing everything you do, to be dictated, by what society or the people around you think you want or should have in your life. Take charge of your life today, accept that you will encounter challenges; you will sometimes feel down, anxious or even angry. These are all just normal emotions; they do not mean there is anything wrong with you. You are perfect the way you are and when you start to be authentic and act in alignment with who you really are. Everything will start to seamlessly fall into place, the overwhelm will disappear and you will start to enjoy levels of success not even you could have imagined were possible.

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