Conference Speakers – Are you Mentally Tough Enough to Achieve your Dreams?

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Are you Mentally Tough Enough to Achieve your Dreams?

Achieving success, whatever that may mean to you and your unique concept of what constitutes success, requires discipline, consistent effort and mental toughness. You need daily discipline, to ensure that you take the action you need to take every day to achieve the outcomes you want and mental toughness to allow you to endure adversity and setbacks along the way. When you accept that any worthwhile success journey will be filled with challenges, but that these challenges are never reasons to give up, rather only reasons to learn grow and expand. You equip yourself to eventually realise any goal you set for yourself.

Action Idea: Whenever any challenges cross your path, whilst you are traveling along the path to the success you desire, ensure you are prepared to be mentally tough and handle anything, which may come your way. Mental toughness and fortitude will help you to:

  • Manage any challenges or trouble, which may come your way.
  • Press on despite your plans not working out exactly the way you wanted
  • See any criticism as only a source of feedback. You will never allow someone else’s opinion to dictate your thoughts or direction
  • Believe in yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Take charge of your life and accept 100 % responsibility for creating the future success you desire.

Mental toughness and a dogged determination to succeed are crucial on any success journey. If you feel that you give up too easily in the face of any adversity, it is crucial that you work to improve your mental toughness. The way to improve your mental toughness and determination to succeed starts with you first taking charge of your own success and accepting that you cannot ever blame anyone or any external circumstances for any challenges, roadblocks or setbacks, which you may encounter, ever again. As long as you follow a blame culture, where everyone other than you is responsible for any challenges or setbacks, you disempower yourself and accept that you have no power to change anything.

When you accept responsibility or said differently, you take charge of your future, no external factors control your destiny. Yes, external circumstances or factors over which you have no control may cause delays and force you to do things a little differently, but they are all you have. So blaming and pointing fingers at the circumstances in your life, is as effective as cursing the sun, wind and rain, when that is all you have. Many people have achieved great success during the past few years, despite the challenging external economic circumstances. Even during the great depression from 1929 – 1933, there were people who became incredibly successful. It is never the circumstances you face, which determines your level of success, but rather how you adapt to and utilise your current circumstances to achieve the outcomes you want. The way you future turns out is not up to your environment, but rather up to how you use your circumstances to achieve what you want..

Empower yourself right now and accept that you can achieve greatness, despite any external circumstances and take charge of your future. The moment you stop being a victim of your circumstances and accept that you can and will succeed in any environment, you become a champion of your life and nothing can stop you. Do not give anyone or anything any power over your life; nothing should hold any sway over how your future turns out. You are the captain of your future and “NO-THING” should ever be allowed to stop you.

Becoming mentally tough is often the final piece in the success puzzle. I do not know any successful people, who are not mentally tough. So if you want success in your future, mental toughness is not an option, it is a necessity. Invest energy into gradually building your mental toughness, by placing yourself on a diet of responsibility, where you finally take charge of your future, one small moment of responsibility at a time and you have the power to create any success you want.

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  • This article it will make my day!

  • Gerrit Bruggeman /

    Being or becoming mentally tough will often BLOCK flow and thus BLOCK the road to success.
    Success is a state of mind, directly relayed to FLOW and manifestation is an energy process not an effort process!

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