Turn Anger Into Fascination

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If you want to experience real positive changes in the results you are enjoying in your life, then I highly recommend that you change your casual interest on what goes on around you, into fascination. When you are fascinated, you are curious and want to know how things work. When you reawaken that child in you once again and you become fascinated about everything going on around you, you make the commitment to do what it takes to once again “LEARN” how things work.

When you develop that childlike fascination once again you develop a skill that allows you to turn situations that would have caused you frustration before; into a way to be fascinated. For example you are stuck in a traffic jam and the traffic is at a stand still. You can choose to be frustrated and become irritated, raise your blood pressure, put your body under huge stress and even punch the steering wheel. None of which will make any difference to the situation. Or you can choose to look around you, like an expectant child. Exploring and looking for things that are fascinating and even things that may potentially offer you opportunities for learning and growth.

In both situations you get through the traffic jam at the same time. One way causes you massive stress, damages your health and breaks you down, whilst the other offers you an opportunity to reflect, expand and even relax. Which do you think is the most effective and logical option to choose? Your attitude and temperament are always choices. When faced with situations in the future that traditionally cause you to respond in an angry fashion, take a deep breath and explore everything around you.  Looking for reasons to be fascinated, reasons to learn and grow, reasons to relax, reasons to expand your world.

Both fascination and anger are childish emotions. Anger is a trained, childish emotion that you learned to exhibit as a child, when you could not get your own way. Unless you are in a dangerous situation where your life may be threatened and the fight response is appropriate, anger does not serve your needs. Fascination on the other hand is also a child like response, but unfortunately one that we train ourselves to forget as we grow up. Awaken your fascination once again and use this really powerful tool to constantly be on the look out for opportunities to expand, learn and grow.

This subtle change in our responses and attitude will result in a major positive shift in the outcomes you enjoy in your life going forward. Make the shift from anger to curiosity and you will astound yourself, with how much better you feel, how your stress levels improve, how much more productive you will become and how much more you will begin to notice in your environment around you. This increased awareness allows you to see opportunities, where you only saw frustration before.

Learn to no longer choose anger as first a first response to any situation rather practice the art of fascination. This positive shift will be well worth the effort. You stand to loose so much when you change anger into fascination. You will loose frustration, anger, negative feelings, and stress in your life. On the other hand, you will gain so much, curiosity, new insights, new skills, new knowledge, happiness and a life of learning and growth. Sounds like a great trade to me.

Author: Andrew Horton Convention Motivational Speakers Gauteng



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