Three New Success Habits to Promote Sustainable Success

Meet Your Future, C.P.A and Performance Management System

Inspiration is that fire in your belly that drives you to begin and to keep taking the necessary daily actions that will help you to realize all your dreams. Aligning your values with the success you desire and developing a success habit set are the catalysts that will help you to sustain your efforts and allow you to live a harmonious and balanced life. When you are in alignment with your values and you have created an ingrained success habit set to support you, you have the makings of creating and sustaining what will appear to be effortless success. This new set of daily routines or ingrained habits is what will keep you going even when that initial fire in your belly begins to burn out.

Real long term sustainable success is not about huge effort carried out over a long period of time. It is about small almost insignificant actions performed indefinitely over the course of your life.

Scheduling meetings with your future is time that you schedule every day to devote to making a meaningful difference to the way your future will turn out. Choose to include this very simple tool into your daily schedule and make it an integral part of your success habit set. This will remove the illusion that there is no time available to work on exploring and exploiting your own potential.

There are endless possibilities and opportunities all around you. Break free from the prison of perpetual ‘busyness’ and stop allowing yourself to be a victim of a perceived lack of time. Choose to introduce this system for time efficiency into your life. You will then have time available to perform those few small daily activities that will add up to massive success.

Code of Personal Achievement (C.P.A.) 

This is a unique set of commitments or codes that you set for yourself every day, to carry out five activities that are aligned with the goals, you are trying to achieve. These activities when carried out daily will move you closer to the outcomes you want to achieve. They are the daily actions or tasks you are attempting to develop. These daily activities will over time turn into your success habit set. Initially it will require willpower to carry out these very necessary daily activities. After about 46 – 66 days these activities will become entrenched habits. To ensure that you have the time and inclination to carry out these tasks, we have created the concept of daily Meetings with your Future. (See above). Once you have developed the habit of scheduling Meetings with your Future every day, to ensure that you have time to carry out these actions. You will have created a daily routine that will help you to build any new success habit set you desire.

For example: If your goal was to improve your health.

You would choose five daily activities or “commitments to yourself” that would help you achieve this goal.

  • Drink 2 liters of water
  • Exercise 30 minutes a day
  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day
  • Cut down on fat intake
  • Take multi vitamin daily

You will consciously carry out these five activities every day for 66 days, until they become entrenched habits. Current research has shown that it should take between 40 to 66 days for these activities to become entrenched habits. It will initially require discipline and willpower to carry out these activities but soon enough they will become ingrained habits and will become an integral part of your new success habit set. This is a tool that allows you to start developing a new daily routine that will ensure your success. This code or commitment you make with yourself, acts as a daily reminder for you to carry out activities that will help you learn new positive habits. Over time as you apply discipline to carry out these carefully chosen daily activities, you instill a new set of behaviors that eventually evolve into your new success habit set.

Performance Management System

Whatever gets measured gets done. The performance measurement system is designed to measure your performance on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis. This system is designed not only to measure performance but it is also a way to celebrate success. When we constantly celebrate our successes, we are better equipped to remain inspired and driven to succeed.

It is not enough to merely have forward motion, where you are like a feather blowing in the wind. Yes, you are moving forward toward achieving your dreams, but at the first obstacle you become stuck and lose all impetus. This book will show you how to build momentum in your life as you work to achieve your goals. You must learn to feel and operate like a strong free flowing river, where you become virtually unstoppable. This is only achieved if you constantly measure your performance and you take action to ensure that your activities are delivering the desired results. As long as your daily activities are achieving the outcomes you desire, you bring some of the most powerful forces into play namely momentum and compounding.


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