Re-Awaken That Child In You Once Again

It is never too late to have a fantastic childhood. 2015 is the time for you to re-awaken that child in you, that relentless toddler, who would just never give up. How many times do you think a toddler falls down and gets up again, when they are learning to walk? 100 – 500 or do they just keep getting up and trying again and again until, they succeed and finally learn to walk. One thing I am certain of is that every toddler, gets up just one more time than they fall down.

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You can never fail, if you adopt the same philosophy, as you had when you were learning to walk. As long as you are persevering and taking action daily to achieve your dreams, you can never fail. Yes of course you will encounter setbacks, roadblocks and challenges along the way, but all they are temporary interruptions. They are never a reason to give up. As you revisit that persistent person you once were and you stay focused and determined, committed to achieve a positive outcome, with everything you do where you keep trying, persisting for long enough, you simply can never fail.

Open your Eyes and See the Wonder

Allow yourself to become curious once again. Remember how everything you encountered as a child, was exciting and fascinating. Then of course there was that barrage of relentless questions you asked, until you found the answers you were looking for. Imagine how your world will change, when you commit to start to see your world as fascinating, exciting and filled with opportunity once again. Commit to once again start to use your curiosity to explore your environment, expand on any new ideas or to search out new opportunities. Let that child in your free and set your curiosity free once again. Use it to learn, search and constantly grow.

Feel Passionate and become excited

Set your passion and excitement free once again. Become exuberant and excited about things that matter in your life. When you become excited and passionate about important ideas or opportunities, you awaken a strong drive within yourself that is almost magical. You then have the drive and determination to overcome challenges and to persevere, despite any setbacks.

Dare to Dream

Unlock your mind and dream like an uninhibited child once again. Stop restricting your potential, open your mind and dare to dream about everything that is possible for you. If you can’t dream it, see it as possible and believe you have what it takes, for you to realise your dreams, you will never be able to achieve and live the wonder presented by them. There is nothing you cannot imagine, nothing you cannot dream about. Allow yourself to have huge dreams and massive expectations. All that is left to do, once you believe it is possible, is for you to go to work to make them real.

Making your Dreams Real

Believe in yourself and trust in the process, which will deliver all your dreams.

The process is simple:

  1. Dare to dream really big dreams about what is possible for you
  2. Be curious and search until you find a way to make your dreams possible for you
  3. Set your passion and excitement free and become energized and driven to succeed.
  4. Visualize yourself living that dream in your future right now.
  5. Create a plan to move you from where you are to where you dream wants to take you.
  6. Act on your plan every day and apply daily discipline to carry out all the necessary actions
  7. Re-awaken that relentless toddler in you and just keep persisting until you succeed.

It really is worth revisiting your childhood and unlocking a few attitudes and philosophies, which you used so successfully as a child. It really is never too late to have a great childhood and to unleash the powers you once had.

Author: Andrew Horton


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