The Simple Cycle Of Success

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I travel the globe extensively and have asked audiences from all around the world “How many of them want to be abject failures”? You will not be surprised to note that, to date I have not encountered a single person, who wanted anything but joy and success in their experience. Not a single one wanted to be a failure. May I therefore be presumptuous and may I assume that you are no different? Is it fair to say that you want to be the best you can be?

Inviting Success and Happiness into your experience

In the interests of becoming your best, would it be fair to assume that you are searching for different, more positive and sustainable long term results in your life. The way to begin this journey, towards inviting exactly what you want into your life, starts with you first developing a crystal clear picture of the exact outcome or result you want to experience. Secondly you need to use your cognitive ability to create a blueprint or plan to get you there.

If you Fail to Plan, you plan to Fail

The final results that you will enjoy will only be as good as the quality of the plan you create and the measurement criterion you establish within your plan to monitor your progress. In other words, build a detailed plan, constructed with a number of achievable bite size chunks, which when achieved, add up into the success you desire.

Measure your Progress Regularly

It is wise to remember the simple adage that says “Whatever gets measured gets done” Commit to establish a realistic set of measurement criterion to measure the effectiveness of all the daily actions your plan will direct you to take. This will allow you to regularly measure your progress and allow you to take any corrective action necessary, before you have wasted too much time on ineffective activities. “Plan, Do, review and then improve”. Follow this simple cycle, until your daily actions; result in the outcomes you want.

Things change, when you change the way you look at them

When you start this process and you apply daily discipline to ensure that you carry out all the necessary daily actions to satisfy the requirements of your plan. The circumstances that you face in your environment will not change, but the outcomes that you will begin to enjoy, most certainly will change.

When we commit to change ourselves, within an environment that is filled with factors over which we have no control. Then everything will seem to miraculously begin to change. If we want things in our environment to change, then we must first commit to change the way we do things.

How it works

The positive change you desire to introduce into your life, starts with first defining exactly what you want to change. Use your gift of imagination to project yourself into the future, take a peek around and see what you would like to have, do or be. Bring that picture back to today and use that picture of possibility to create a crystal clear vision for the future.


Then you build an action plan that will allow you to begin moving toward that outcome. Finally you must commit to apply daily disciplined action, as outlined in your plan, to ensure that you carry out the necessary daily actions. When you commit to this simple process, success is inevitable. How simple does this process sound. If it is that simple, why do so many people allow themselves to remain trapped in lives they hate?

Make Better Choices

Achieving anything you want in your life is one choice and one meaningful decision away. Choose today to introduce the simple process, which I have described above, into your life and decide to commit to carry out the necessary daily disciplined activity. This will allow you to begin engaging in the miracle process of transforming your life into one of joy, happiness, success and fulfillment.

Author: Andrew Horton




  • This is a common theme you have been writing about a lot lately. I appreciate you sharing thesearticles with us. You have most certainly reminded me to take a hard look at my life and to intoduce a few new discipline sinto my life.

    • I have discovered that success really is easy and gauranteed if you follwo a few simple steps and you commit to apply daily discipline to ensure that you carry out the actions necessary to succeed. Please visit my website for more resources that can siist you ojn this journey.

  • Go measure it and get it done!

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