The Value of Humour


Why do you allow, one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal of success, namely your sense of humor, to be so under utilized? For at the heart of humor, is the ability to see the world from, the not so obvious perspective, in fresh and unexpected ways & it allows you to connect with people on a deep emotional level, breaking down resistance & building relationships.

By practicing to use your sense of humor today and everyday; see how you begin to create an aura of energy around yourself, as your communication becomes more effective and is more easily received and both you and everyone you touch feels far better about the message you are delivering. I am by no means talking about Groucho Marx type of silly humor, or the canned type of formulaic jokes. I am referring to authenticity, honesty and warmth and the delight and discovery as we happen upon the quirky bit of mutual understanding, stumbling onto a patch of mutually fun ground.

When you are open and show humor, you give people around you valuable information, reasons to do business with you and possibly refer other business to you. Your sense of humor shows that you are low maintenance and will contribute to an upbeat climate of can-do co-operation and reveals your understanding of relative importance, during shifting circumstances and that you have a keen ability to think on your feet.

Humor also interrupts your own predicable patterns that may be keeping you stuck where you are and allows you to begin breaking new ground and to make new discoveries. When you learn the art of using humor effectively, people are more likely to trust your judgment and you leave people thinking that you are original, creative, inspiring and most importantly you are memorable.


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