Plug Your Energy Leaks

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The fast pace of the world we live in, places massive pressure on our ability to remain focused and unless we are at the guard of our mind, we may get pulled in a million different directions each day. When you are not focused and you are allowing yourself to be pulled in too many different directions, you will be unproductive, lack effectiveness and it will feel as though you are loosing all your energy through a myriad of energy leaks throughout your body.

Plug your Energy Leaks

Claim back control over your life and regain control over what you get to do every day. This will help you to plug those energy leaks and empower you to get the most from your day.

Making this work for you

  1. Identify a couple of really important outcomes or goals you want to achieve each day. Next Create specific time slots in your schedule, to carry out activities, which are aligned with achieving those outcomes.
  2. Learn to say no!!!! Don’t be available all day, where you can be interrupted. Schedule time slots daily when you will allow and  handle interruptions. As crazy at that sounds, if you have an open door all day, people will interrupt you all day. If you have a scheduled time slot in your day where you are available to handle “Interruptions” and this is communicated to everyone, you will still be available, but you will be in control.
  3. Work to win the battle against information overload. Learn to quickly separate the valuable from the irrelevant and become ruthless with the tidal wave of emails, tweets, texts, and the media, which you are exposed to each day. Do not waste major time on minor things.

Until you make this small shift in the way you manage your time energy and daily activities, your productivity will continue to plummet. So make a commitment today to hunt down all the things in your life that are sapping your energy, time and productivity and ruthlessly eliminate them from your life.

Focus your energy on Priority Activities

Identify and eliminate all the ways you are allowing your energy to be diverted away from the important activities that are going to deliver the future you desire. Eliminate all the unnecessary time wasters from your life and learn to plug all the energy leaks, which are killing your efficiency and effectiveness. When you learn to direct your focus, energy and time towards your real purpose and vision and you ensure that your activities are focused on achieving the success you desire, you will have mastered your life.

Author: Andrew Horton



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