Dare to Dream

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Dare to Dream

We all have an unquenchable desire to dream about a fulfilling future and how we can create a better life for our families and ourselves. What makes life so incredible is that we do not only have the gift of imagination, which allows us to dream about absolutely anything, but we also have the cognitive ability to build a plan or a blueprint, which will allow us to achieve those dreams.

Our Gifts

Being alive is such an incredible experience. What wonderful and amazing gifts we have, the first of these gifts gives us the affinity and ability to dream about a better and brighter future. To supplement this incredible gift we also have the brainpower to set meaningful goals, which will, as we achieve each one, support us to gradually achieve all our dreams and then we have cognitive ability to lay out a plan and a strategy to make these dreams real.

We are Creators

We are designed to be creators, not only do we have the above gifts; we also have a further amazing gift, namely our internal Google search engine, or reticular activation system (RAS). This amazing gift sifts through the mass of information and data, which is bombarding our experience every second and identifies the resources and opportunities we need to achieve our dreams.

We are literally put on this planet as dream achieving machines. Are you using your incredible gifts to invite possibility into your experience or are you stuck in a familiar place, trapped by your own inactivity. Now is the time to acknowledge your magnificence and to break free from, those invisible chains, which are weighing you down. Dare to dream, have huge expectations and then use your gifts to bring them to life.

Making your Dreams Real

Your dreams are simply a visual representation, of how you would like your life to be in the future. The challenge and the reason why so many people remain trapped in unfulfilling places, is that they have buried their dreams deep inside themselves, because they thought they were unobtainable or foolish. Search deep within yourself and listen to your heart. Allow those wonderful dreams that live deep within you to come to the surface.

Uncovering your Dreams

You uncover your dreams by learning to listen to that inner voice, which  you may have trained yourself to ignore. It is an incredibly empowering experience to uncover your innermost desires and dreams and to realize that you have the power to make them real.

The easiest way to uncover your dreams and set yourself on a path to make your dreams real is to. Concentrate on your breathing and quite your mind by sitting comfortably or lying down on your bed. Try to remove all the clutter and noise that our busy lives force us to encounter every day. When you do this you allow your mind and your heart to soar on the wings of your dreams.

Action Idea: Schedule some quiet time for yourself this week, just you, and your dreams. Find a comfortable place to sit in silence. Connect with your subconscious, by consciously concentrating on your breathing. Your breath is the bridge between, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. The reason your breathe is the link between your conscious and subconscious mind is that, you can either just allow your body to breath, without any conscious thought or you can conscious control it. So as you concentrate on your breath, you create a bridge or a connection with your inner self.

Focus on things, which Inspire you

During your quiet time, focus on the things that really inspire and thrill you. Focus on the things that would make you feel really happy and content.

  • What would you do with your life if you were guaranteed to succeed?
  • What picture in your future moves you into a state of excitement and joy?

When you are able to unlock these thoughts and dream about and exciting and inspiring future, you will begin to experience the true essence of dreaming and succeeding. Allow your mind to explore and to go to the most outlandish places. Remember you are dreaming, so your mind is unfettered by anything. Allow your thoughts to fly and your mind to travel wherever it wants. Record your thoughts, without editing or filtering them at all.

Explore your Thoughts

Explore all the thoughts and ideas that came into your head and identify those ideas or dreams that are the most important or the most feasible. Keep all your dreams and ideas, simply put them into the order that you want to achieve them. The way to realize any dream is to always be moving toward action.

Create Plans to bring your dreams to life

Once you have uncovered your dreams, have the courage and conviction to create plans and begin taking action to realize them, before the passion dies. These dreams and goals, which are born in your heart and mind, are unique and special to you are the catalyst that will allow you to live a full and complete life of substance. Life is not a dress rehearsal, dream big and make every moment count.

When you become enthusiastic and passionate about any new idea and you add a healthy dose of conviction into the mix. You have discovered the formula to ignite your inspiration and the fuel to sustain your efforts.

Author: Andrew Horton





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