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Happiness like success is very often misunderstood and too many people think that happiness is a function of how much money you have.  Most people wrongly believe that if you make enough money, you can buy happiness.  I have had the experience of pursuing money at the expense of everything else in my life and woke up one day with a very empty life and no one to share my life with.

Money will bring temporary relief and instant gratification, but I can guarantee very little real happiness.  During this time of emptiness, I had more money than I could easily spend, yet I had no meaningful relationships or spiritual connections. It was during this time that I grew my definition of success to include far more than merely a measure of how much money I could accrue or things I could own.

Happiness is a personal choice and not the product of anything outside of you.

Material things will never have the power to make you happy.  They will bring comfort and enjoyment, but never happiness.  Happiness is only ever a choice, how happy you are is a direct result of the amount of joy you allow yourself to experience.  Happiness comes from within and as such you have complete control over how happy you are or even if you feel any happiness at all.

There often are circumstances in your life that are difficult or challenging, but the choice to be happy despite any external factors, is ultimately yours and yours alone.  Happiness is very specific to each person and as such never allow your happiness to depend on what someone else thinks you should be, do or have. Make the choice today to always invite happiness and joy into your life and never to allow any external factors to influence how happy you feel. Happiness is something you become it is never something you pursue.

You have the wonderful gift of awareness, you know that you get to choose happiness and that happiness is something you become by the consistent choices you make. So choose to create a life filled with happiness, fulfillment and joy. Choose to design your dream life and start the journey to live a complete, meaningful and happy life.

When designing your perfect life, constantly assess your choices against the things that make you feel passionate and ensure that the life you want is in line with who you really are.  When creating your dream lives focus on happiness and fulfillment as key factors, rather than material or external empty gratification.

Complete this exercise below to unlock your inner thoughts and true feelings. Accept that your first thoughts are normally the right ones. Learn to trust your inner self and intuition to give you the correct answer. Don’t over analyze and ultimately paralyze your efforts.  The journey of life and ultimately the perfect life of your dreams must include health, wealth, spiritual awareness, family, friends and the career in which you choose to express yourself.


What would you want to experience in your perfect life?


What would you want to create in your perfect life?


What would you want or need to learn to live the perfect life?


How would your relationships be structured?


What would you want to contribute to society?


What would you want to acquire?


Where would you want to travel to?


New skills that I would want to learn.


Creating the life of your dreams does not have to be trying, exhausting or draining. When you are living on purpose and you have a clear picture of where you want to get to and a clearly defined plan that will get you there, things will unfold and develop.  When you truly believe in your success and happiness, everything will effortlessly unfold and deliver your bliss.

Everything in nature works, yet nothing in nature works very hard

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