No One Can Ever ASk You For More Than Your Best

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When you are involved in achieving the goals that are going to positively change and revolutionize your life.

  1. How much effort should you put into this endeavor?
  2. How hard should you be prepared to work?

Your philosophy toward hard work and discipline will most certainly affect the quality of your life and how your future will turn out.

What are your expectations around the ratio of how much work you should do, before you rest?

This ratio determines your work ethic. As your work ethic determines how much labor you are willing to devote to creating your future fortune. It is the major determining factor around how substantial your fortune will turn out. Is it not worth developing a really great work ethic that will promote enterprise and consistent positive effort?

All that you can ask of yourself is that you do your best every day. Do all you can each day, no more and no less. Do not rush into tasks daily, trying to complete as many tasks as possible in the shortest possible time. Success does not ask you to do the maximum number of things each day, it asks you to perform consistently and efficiently performing tasks at your best.

Focus your energy and devote your time to perform the most important tasks each day. Complete enough of these tasks each week, each month and keep repeating this for the whole year and you have set the tone for a super successful year. Success is never a matter of luck, it is something anyone can design and achieve if they follow this simple plan.

Learn patience and realize that the path to success is a journey not a destination. If you focus all your energy on the final goal and any time spent short of achieving this goal is viewed as a time of failure and frustration. You are doomed to live a life of zero satisfaction and emptiness. When you choose to operate from this dis empowered state, you allow yourself to be distracted by numerous things each day and you quickly drift off course.

The only way to lay a solid foundation for creating tomorrows success, today,  is to apply consistent effort over a long period of time and to ensure that you enjoy each step of the journey. When you do this you create a state in which you are willing and able to put in the effort and time needed, when it really counts. Stay focused and enjoy the process as you create your long term sustainable success. Avoid allowing petty distractions to stop you from carrying out the important tasks each day. Accept that there will be easy days where everything just falls into place and expect difficult days, where every possible challenge will cross your path. Concentrate 100 % on each task and complete each one as perfectly as possible. As you focus your energy on completing one small task at a time and you simply try to complete each one to the best of your ability. You are building a fantastic framework for a lifetime of great success and the world of opportunity opens up to you.

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