Desire And Dedication Are The Two Ingredients For Greatness

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All greatness starts with desire and the level of success that you will enjoy will be driven by the amount of dedication you choose to apply to make that happen for you. Desire and dedication are the two prime ingredients required for you to become a top achiever. Desire helps you decide what you want and your dedication will get it for you.

Someone with plenty of desire and limited dedication will never achieve much. If you want to achieve meaningful and sustainable results in your life, then you must develop a powerful combination of both of these ingredients for success.

Desire is a combination of three important components:

  1. Your ability to “DREAM”, to allow your mind to explore all the possibilities. The secret is to allow your mind to explore without any limitations or restrictions.
  2. Secondly you sift through all your dreams and possibilities and you create a “VISION” of what you want to achieve. You convert your dreams that inhabit the realm of your imagination and convert them into something possible and achievable for you.
  3. Lastly you must explore your vision and get absolute “clarity and focus” about exactly how your life will look when you accomplish your vision.

Once you have refined, defined and completely understood your desire to accomplish something. You must then fine tune your engine for greatness, so that you can turn your desire into reality. This engine is your “DEDICATION”.

To really fire up your level of dedication and guarantee success, you must follow these three simple steps:

  1. Develop a crystal clear plan that will guide you one step at a time, to take the actions necessary to convert your dream into reality. Know what you want, map exactly how you are going to get there i.e. set your goals, write them down and create a detailed plan to allow you to achieve exactly that.
  2. Then pull the trigger and begin taking action every day. Take the first step toward living your dreams and just keep repeating this until you succeed.
  3. Expect and plan for challenges on your journey to greatness. The question is never whether you will encounter difficulties or challenges, but rather how well you will manage each one when they do occur. If you follow the simple adage of I, will, until and you never ever give up even when the going gets tough you will succeed at anything. Perseverance is the final ingredient in this recipe for greatness and when practiced can unlock your biggest dream

Commit to combine your desire with real dedication and you have uncovered the secret to achieve greatness.

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