S.M.A.R.T. Goals Are Sustainable and Achievable Goals

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This is a very well known concept that relates very succinctly with our Goal achievement process.  As this concept is self explanatory I am not going to go into a detailed explanation around this concept.

To illustrate this principle I will rather just quote an example: It is the 1 January 2010 and I am excitedly reviewing my net worth which has grown to $ 1 000 000-00.

Please note that the goal must meet all the SMART criteria and is stated in the present tense.

I have posted a few questions below to solicit some thought around the goals you have created.

  • Why must you achieve your goal?
  • What’s the pain associated with not achieving the goal?
  • What’s the pleasure of achieving the goal?

Using the previous example, the pain associated with not achieving the goal would be:

I would have to slog hard all my life and be a perpetual money-making machine for others!

The pleasure would be:

“I would be able to invest the money to grow income passively and have more time and freedom to do the things I like.”

What areas of your life do you want to place your energy into improving?

Is it your family, personal development, health or financial pursuits? Could it be your career, friends or maybe even time for leisure activities? Identifying the area in your life that you wish to give your undivided attention helps you to focus and set clear goals based on your priorities.

Is Your Goal a Must or is it a Want?

There’s a big difference between merely wanting to achieve a goal and having a deep down passion and desire to make a goal your new reality. We all want to achieve a lot of things – that dream house and/or car, to lose weight, to write a book, to be financially independent, etc. Why do most of us not achieve those desires?

Because our goal simply that – a mere desire. It is not a deep rooted unconditional and passionate requirement for our life to continue.

Unless your goal is something so important to you that you are driven to achieve it, you will not make achieving it a priority and as such will just flounder through life, never achieving any of your dreams.

What obstacles are preventing you from achieving your goal? What must you do to overcome them?

Knowing what you must achieve is not enough. You have to anticipate the challenges you are likely to face. Think about what you can do to deal with those challenges and perhaps turn them into opportunities.

Going back to the “millionaire goal” we used as an example earlier, some of the obstacles you could expect are Lack of know-how or training, lack of resources, difficult or no access to the people you need for your success, lack of inspiration or the correct mentors or coaches.

There are many ways to overcome any or all of these obstacles. One possible alternative to overcome all these potential challenges is to attend more seminars and networking events to get to know more people and discover new business opportunities.

The important thing that you need to know is that you will be faced with various challenges along the way to living in the magic of life.  The only difference between those people that turn their 86400 seconds a day into super success and those left floundering in mediocrity is how the super successful choose to deal with challenges and efficiently use their time.

We all have the same amount of time every day; we all are faced with challenges, we all achieve different results; why?

The answer is very simply how we manage the available time, how we deal with the challenges we encounter, how desperately we want or rather need to achieve something in or with our lives and how we allocate our available resources.

You can and will achieve anything if you have the will and enough desire to do so


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