Who Is At The Helm Of Your Life?


If you boarded a plane and the pilot that came over the intercom was incoherent and had no idea what the flight number was, no idea where he was going or even if there was enough fuel on board the plane, would you stay on board? Examine the person piloting your life right now, how coherent are they, does he/she have a plan, should you even be on-board your journey through life with someone like that?

Everything you need to know to finally begin to manifest your true aspirations, you must clearly articulate these aims to both yourself and the universe. When you clarify your aspirations, they take on a new substance and what was a mere wish, before becomes real and achievable.

I believe in the adage of READY, FIRE, AIM. READY Invest time and effort into preparing to achieve your goals, FIRE, begin to take action, do not paralyze yourself with over preparing, AIM, assess your progress, regularly and take corrective action where necessary.

To successfully fulfill all your dreams, requires consistent and persistent effort. If you can create an atmosphere of fun, excitement and real deep passion around this process, the work that will be required, will be easy and you will eagerly participate in the process.

Be at the helm of your life and implement your plan and take the necessary inspired action to achieve your goals, you will need a system to manage your time and energy. Your time management system must be effective and allow you to allocate time to important issues, whilst ignoring time wasting things, which do not serve your purpose or fit in with your vision.

When on the path to achieving your goals you will need to have consistent and regular checks, to ensure that you remain on track. By monitoring your progress on a regular and frequent basis, you will only need to make small corrections to keep you on your path. It is imperative to have a set of predetermined ways to measure and monitor your progress.

Focus on achieving the essence of each of your goals and be open to regularly change individual particulars if necessary. Letting go of or modifying plans that are not working, is an integral part of the goal achievement process. Consistently check and revise your plans and have the courage to discard any that may be weighing you down.

You should live in the moment, never allowing your dreams to run ahead of you, for the person that only looks outside of themselves is simply a dreamer, those that learn to look into their heart, awaken their belief in their ability and they unleash their unlimited potential. Recording and time defining your dreams is simply the start, realizing them is the art.


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