Super Achievement is about the things you don’t do

Success is about planning, doing, reviewing and improving. The success tool that best compliments these four keys to super achievement is actually related to something you don’t do. Super achievers have mastered the art of saying no to the good so that they have time and energy available for the great. The master skill and secret to super success is learning the art of when to say yes and when to say NO!!!!!

We live in a world where we are constantly tugged on from every conceivable direction. There are constant distractions via our mobile smart phones, messages are constantly bombarding our computers, there are advertisements every where we look, the television and radio stations are filled with constant messages. Your ability to be productive and turn your time into long term sustainable success is constantly under threat.

The secret to turning your available time, into success building time is to know how to tune out from the things that are distracting you and tune in to taking actions that will make a real difference in your life. Your level of success will depend more on what you learn not to do, rather than on the things that you do. We have limited resources of time, energy and focus available. So everything you say yes to means that you have to say no to something else.

It is impossible for us to make more time in our day and filling each hour with more activity is also impossible. We live in a world of constant activity and if we are not vigilant, the level of activity in our lives can become overwhelming.  We constantly bombard ourselves with massive expectations and apply ourselves to our lives with an intensity that is crazy. We work ourselves to exhaustion 24/7 but we still do not see any long term results.

That stops right now. You are unable to fit more into your day, you are already close to overwhelm. So the secret to becoming a super achiever must obviously be related to doing less. Does that sound a little crazy and doesn’t it feel like a contradiction. As you learn what to say no to and when to say yes, you will begin the journey of moving more effortlessly, efficiently and expeditiously toward your dreams.

Real high performance is about knowing what to say no and carefully selecting the activities to say yes to. Once you have selected the things you will concentrate your efforts on achieving, you simply apply unrelenting laser focus to your all these efforts. You can never tolerate any distractions that may stand in your way. When you have an unrelenting laser focus on what you want to achieve and you do not allow anything to distract you, super success is inevitable.

Learn to say no to a distracting TV programs that will suck hours out of your life. Stop attending unnecessary and unproductive meetings that relentlessly rob you of your valuable time. Say no to invitations that serve no good purpose, save to make you feel busy.  Set time aside and ruthlessly manage your emails. Do not allow yourself to be interrupted throughout the day by phone calls. Set time aside to take and make calls. Do not allow people to interrupt you with unimportant issues throughout the day. Your time is one resource you can never get more of , so treat yours as your most valuable possession and guard it wisely.

It is your day and your life; learn the art of making the most of both.


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