Seasons of Success

No machine, animal or human can operate at 100 % of their capacity all the time. As humans we need to allow for this and plan periods of rest into our schedule. Everything in nature works in cycles. There are four seasons in the year, there are times when the sun shines brightly and times when it doesn’t, there is daylight and darkness, plants grow more during the summer months than during winter, these cycles just seem to work effortlessly.

As an integral part of our world we also operate best when we work in regular cycles. As you know:

1)    We cannot improve every area of our lives simultaneously.

2)    We cannot try to tackle all our goals at once.

3)    We cannot do everything at the same time.

Those people that burn the candle at both ends soon realize that it is impossible to work against the natural cycles of the universe. They quickly burn out, fail or blow up due to stress. The universe and our world works in cycles and seasons. There is a time to learn, a time to produce, a time to harvest and most importantly a time to rest. All top achievers operate within the constraints of these cycles and use the natural rhythms within their world to leverage the maximum from their lives.

Learn to understand and use your own cycles or seasons and success will not only be inevitable, but it will seem effortless. Most people spend their days in a haze of busyness, constantly starting one thing and then stopping to do something else, allowing interruptions all the time. When they try to go back to what they were doing they need to gather their thoughts once again and try to recapture their rhythm.

Most people think that by multitasking, allowing their phones, people and a number of simultaneous projects to interrupt their rhythms is the best way to get things done every day. Nothing could be further from the truth. We operate best when we focus our energy on one project at a time and we work in an uninterrupted fashion.

The challenge with not taking control of our lives, prioritizing and focusing our energy on one thing at a time, is that we get trapped in a cycle of ineffective busyness. We feel like we are doing so much, yet we are achieving very little. The reality is that this cycle of busyness, is in complete contrast to and it works against our natural rhythms. We produce the best results and operate best when we stay focused on one thing and do not allow any interruptions to our rhythm.

Multitasking and allowing interruptions and constant distractions is completely alien to the way we are designed to work. We work best and operate most effectively and efficiently when we work with the natural cycles of our bodies and the universe. When we allow ourselves to get lost in these unproductive cycles, Unproductive days turn into, wasted weeks, mediocre months, useless years and lost decades.

We operate most effectively and deliver the best results, when we are supremely focused on one activity and we stay in the zone for sustained periods of time. The best way to leverage this principal and to gain the maximum benefit from this new understanding is to break your year into four equal cycles of 90 days each. Prioritize and focus on one important outcome and then break each task up into compressed chunks within each 90 day cycle. Depending on the size of each small project, these could be three 30 day cycles or six 2 week cycles.

For example I am in the process of identifying new corporate clients for my new speaking business. I am focused solely on identifying and building relationships with a select few targeted prospects. I am building up a solid rhythm and every day I get hotter and hotter and the results seem to grow exponentially day after day. This absolute focus has allowed me to build relationships with more customers in a month than would be possible had I operated in a cycle of multitasking busyness.

When you compress key tasks into extended windows of time, you are able to stay more focused and for the same energy, you are able to achieve far more. This will allow you to compress more into the same amount of time. Your results are multiplied.


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