Networking your way to Success

Networking with the right people is crucial if you want to become a super achiever. Connecting with and forming mutually beneficial relationships with the right people that will make sustainable success possible, is imperative. The challenge we all face when building these relationships is that we get so busy that we meet really important people and weeks, months go by and we never follow up with these people.

If you want to create and develop great connections with people that matter then I recommend that you apply the following routine weekly:

Include the following networking activities in your weekly schedule.

  1. Meet at least three important people that can help you in person.
  2. Send out three handwritten communications to three really important people, birthday cards, invitations to meetings etc
  3. Send out a minimum of 15 written communications via, sms, email, face book or comment on people’s blogs.
  4. Make 5 phone calls to people that matter and are worth networking with
  5. Send one gift a week to someone really special. A book containing really important information is always a great option.

The secret to turning this into a habit is to include this in your weekly planning schedule. Every Sunday when you are doing your weekly planning include the networking events you are attending, schedule and confirm the three meetings with the people you want to network with, Write and send your handwritten communications to three people that matter, Schedule time to send out communications and to comment on blogs, Schedule time to make the five telephone calls and finally identify the person that will receive the gift and send it off.

Every day and week during your review, measure your performance and see if you have met your commitment. If you are not achieving your goal as laid out above, look at your planning and daily commitment and revise or improve the system until you are achieving the desired results.

Networking and building connections with people that really matter is crucial to creating and sustaining your long term success. Don’t be one of the sheep that only sends out gifts in December. Send your gifts throughout the year. You will make a far larger impression on people. These gifts are perceived as gifts that were given with meaning and purpose, not merely gifts handed out to foster favor.

Make carrying out these crucial activities of developing relationships and networking with the really important people a priority in your life. When you measure your weekly performance against the above performance criterion and you keep including this important strategy in your weekly and daily plan, you will eventually develop a habit of connecting with and staying in contact with people that matter. Building your relationship wealth is the best way of ensuring that you have the connections necessary to build and sustain your financial wealth.


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