Turn Up The Volume On Your Intuition


Intuition is a clear flow of information that aligns with your true purpose, highest path and one of the most amazing forces at your disposal. Learn to identify the difference between a calm knowing intuitive thought and one that is based on fear and self doubt and you will have mastered your innate natural ability to harness the power of your intuition.

Great speakers and time management training experts like Andrew will show you how you can turn down the volume on your inner critic and you will empower yourself to turn up the volume on your intuition. Your intuition is a huge asset and when you learn to tune in and start listening to your intuition; you have access to an amazing tool that will help you master your excellence.

The easiest way to tell the difference between your inner critic and your intuition is as follows:

Inner Critic Intuition
Speaks loudly, demanding tone Still, Calm voice
Operates from position of fear Love and Trust
Wants to keep you safe at all costs Follows Divine Order
Recycles thoughts Responds to the present  moment
Reacts, because it filters Information from past experiences Offers guidance on where you are right now
Or anticipates the future Loving and respectful
Speaks to you like you are a child Treats you like a spiritual adult.

Invest the time to learn difference between your inner self or intuition and your inner critic and begin to understand how to listen to only your intuition and you have unlocked an incredibly powerful ally. Once you have learnt to discern between the two, you will begin to trust in your intuition and the magic will begin.

Intuition is what you know before you think, the more you begin to trust in and use your intuition, the more you will begin to see the remarkable force you have inside you. Invest the time to unlock your intuition and you will have uncovered a really powerful tool that will propel you along the path to success.

To discover how to begin hearing the voice of your intuition, you must practice the art of turning down the volume on the constant chatter that goes on in your brain. This can best be achieved by sitting in a quiet place and relaxing in quiet contemplation. Close your eyes and just concentrate on the air entering and leaving your nostrils. Feel the cool air enter and the warm air flow out of your nostrils. As soon as any unwelcome thoughts enter your head, imagine they are balloons and as you let go of them, they just float away.


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