Turning Procrastination Into Perserverance

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If you want to ensure that you always arrive at your chosen destination and that you are never left stranded alongside the roadside. You must first know where you want to go, then you need to check your fuel before embarking on any journey and top it up, as necessary, throughout the journey.

Fill up on Persistence and perseverance

The same is true for any journey you chose to take towards the success you desire. You first need to uncover where want to go, by clarifying your vision around exactly what you want to achieve and secondly you need to top your tank up, with sufficient persistence and perseverance, to support you to get there.

Review and Reward your Progress

As you travel your chosen path towards the results you want, keep topping up your tank, by adding large doses of persistence and perseverance along the way. This is best achieved, when you consistently review and reward your progress daily.

Break free from Procrastination

Perseverance and persistence will gradually lead you to success and achievement, whilst procrastination sneaks into your life and steals your dreams and sabotages your success. Procrastination is the polar opposite of persistence and perseverance and either stops you from starting or even if you do pull the trigger and get started, it robs you of your passion and commitment to finish.

Look for Procrastination everywhere

That wiley thief “PROCRASTINATION” can and does sneak into your life in many different guises. One of which is the perfectionist, who is waiting for things to be perfect before taking any action. The second comes in the form of   too many distractions, which keeps you focusing on the wrong things and my all time favorite excuse, which is based on our lack of commitment to use our available time as effectively as possible, namely “I don’t have enough time”.

The Solution

I want to offer a solution to the dilemma of procrastination and support you to turn procrastination into perseverance. To make this work for you, you must use two very powerful principles, which will allow you to foster persistence and perseverance, thereby helping you to eliminate procrastination from your life, forever.

Action Idea

Before you shoot this simple solution down in flames. I don’t want to know, whether you know this. My question is are you doing it? Break any dream, goal or desired outcome back into bite size chunks. No matter what you are attempting to achieve, the secret to success and converting procrastination into perseverance is to break the huge ominous task back into manageable, bite size chunks.

Achieve on Small Chunk at a time

Focus your energy on achieving one small chunk at a time. The secret to make this work for you is to focus only on what is in front of you at that moment and never expend energy thinking about the entire process, which lies ahead of you. Substitute real-time positive thinking about what is achievable right now, for the negative future thinking about how ominous the goal or dream looks and how unachievable the big picture looks.


If you wanted to write a 1000 page novel and you viewed that goal as one large outcome. You would justifiably feel overwhelmed and not want to get started. If on the other hand you decided to write only 2 pages every day for the next 18 months. Would that feel more achievable and is that something you could tackle?

The outcome would be the same after 18 months. You would have written over 1000 pages of your novel, but by breaking the huge goal back into bite size chunks, you will overcome your tendency to procrastinate and you get the task done.

To many people the commitment to keep filling two pages every day for the next two years may also seem overwhelming and unachievable. So what if you set yourself a goal to write two pages for only today. Is that something that feels achievable and believable to you?

Focus on Now and complete only each small task

The secret is not to look forward at what lies ahead, but to simply complete one small bite size chunk at a time, day after day. When you create the discipline to tackle any big goals, one day at a time you will begin to accomplish things you never thought were possible for you.

Author: Andrew Horton






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