Inspirational Sales Speakers Quotations – Values

Inspirational Sales Speakers Quotations below are all authored by Andrew Horton

Inspirational Sales Speakers Quotations – Values

When you invest the time into discovering and defining your values, you create the foundation for understanding your guide for daily living. Your values influence your thoughts, feelings, words and actions and shape your personality, giving you the direction needed to discover what will create true and sustained happiness in your life. Choose your values very wisely and use them daily as guides to deliver your own dream future.

Getting exactly what you want in life is in essence asking “WHAT DO I VALUE?” When you can answer that question completely honestly, you are establishing the foundation for all your needs and wants. You can then choose freely as you create the framework for understanding your options and the potential consequences of all your choices in life.

When you try to discover what it is you want in your life – what you are really asking is “what do I value?” Invest time discovering your values and everything you desire will flow from that

Your values and emotions are the guides that influence your daily thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. They are what shape your personality and give you direction and the insight to live according to your true life purpose. When you learn to use these guides effectively – you will have mastered your life.

Your activities decide what you do; it is your values that decide who you are

Never let what you do become more prevalent than who you are

Never compromise your values; they are the glue that holds you together

You are so much more than what you do for a living. If you are what you do, then my question to you is what are you when you don’t?

Your vision and values defines the why behind everything you do and forms the foundation for where you will arrive one day. The time invested in discovering your vision and defining your values will most certainly be worth the effort and will make finding and staying on the path to the magic of life really simple

Exchange each day for something worthwhile, for each time the sun passes overhead, today has gone forever and tomorrow has come. Do not waste one second, apply the gift of your free will positively, to everything you do and invest your efforts into activities that add value to both you and the world. Once today is gone, make sure that what you leave behind is of value

Guard your integrity and be very selective around the commitments and promises you make, as you “MUST” honor all of them. You have no choice over what you get to bring into this world, but you most certainly get to choose the reputation you create, while you are here.

Practice the art of appreciating the value you have to offer the universe and you will begin to make the kind of impact you desire. Forever banish those self doubts and allow your excellence to begin to shine through. What are you waiting for; you are one really incredible person, with so much to offer the universe.

Stand guard at the doorway to your mind and become conscious of what information you consistently feed it. Try to avoid the constant barrage of negative, fearful, worrisome and sensational news and even entertainment, we are bombarded with throughout our day. Every input to your mind matters as it shapes your view of the world and your role in within it.

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