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Keynote Inspirational Speakers South Africa

Andrew is one of the most Entertaining and Informative Keynote Inspirational Speakers in the field of Time Management and Sales Training

His no. 1 goal when he speaks is:

  1. To ignite magic in each audience member, connect with them, so that he can help them to renew their  vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.
  2. To create a spark in as many people in the audience as possible or inspire them to take action so they can achieve exactly, what they desire!

Andrew has a relaxed and humorous style that ensures his message is remembered long after the event.

Keynote Inspirational Speakers, sales Training Master Teacher and Time Management Training Experts for Business and Personal Success

Andrew is one 0f the best, most informative and entertaining keynote inspirational speakers in the field of time management training.  He specialises in productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, activity management, Inspiration and motivation. His talks are designed to not only regurgitate knowledge and pointless facts that leave participants all fired up and motivated for a very short time after the event.  Motivational Speakers Andrew Horton’s talks are designed to deliver maximum energy, passion and inspiration, yet stil ensuring that there is a maximum amount of knowledge transfer, knowledge and skills that are easy to apply for each attendee.

Andrew is a very successful entrepreneur and time management training experts, who does not only regurgitate information that he has gleaned from human development books, when he works with your organisation as one of the best keynote inspirational speakers and time management training experts, he deliver practical and informative talks that are derived from his many years of in depth business experience and success. Everyone that attends one of his talks is handed a workbook, a set of audio and DVD programs that are designed to serve as a guide, a reminder and a set of practical change tools that every willing attendee can easily apply in their lives.

He has a very engaging style and his purpose when he talks is to ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that he can help them renew their vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.  In a business context, Andrew will work with your organisation as one of the most entertaining and informative keynote inspirational speakers and time management training experts. He will help you to communicate company strategy and purpose with clarity and helps employees to see the future in a positive light as well as inspiring them to work together as a team. Motivational Speakers, Andrew is in the business of helping organisations become both purpose and profit maximisers and he guides all stakeholders to work to consistently grow themselves, thereby becoming invaluable assets to themselves and the organisation. His in-depth practical knowledge will be an asset to any business. He offers practical solutions that work.

He works as one of the most inspirational time management training experts or keynote inspirational speakers, his goal is to ignite a spark in as many audience members as possible and his goal is to inspire everyone to not only begin taking the action necessary to succeed, but to sustain this effort until they have the success they desire. Andrew is a grounded and deeply curious teacher that offers a simple, no nonsense approach to uncovering the hidden potential that lies within all of us and every organisation.

It is so easy to create magic in the lives of people around you. A simple smile directed toward a really busy teller, a hello said with meaning and passion to someone walking by or simply making eye contact with someone that is in need of assistance and showing them you care will go a long way to improving the world we live in.

After attending this presentation by one of the best keynote inspirational speakers, you will learn to live with passion and allow your energy to positively affect everyone that crosses your path. It takes just one person to start making the world a better place and if we can encourage everyone around us to follow suite, we could build a better world one small action at a time.

An upbeat attitude when projected to the world can become contagious. You can create magic and joy in your life and those around you if you are willing to take the initiative and to make a difference. Take this opportunity and begin to make things better, the cost of trying is so small, yet the potential benefits that will flow to you and those you touch will be immeasurable.

It is not the small gesture, the eye contact or the passionate authentic smile that makes the difference. It is how it leaves people feeling afterwards. You will seldom be remembered for what you did, but you will always be remembered for how you made people feel.

Commit to making a real authentic difference to your environment and you will see the world change, one smile at a time. If you want the world to change into a better place, then change the one thing you have 100 % control over, change you. The world will only begin to change, when you commit to change.

As a keynote inspirational speaker Andrew will highlight the fact that your experience shows that everybody wants their lives to be of real consequence, to really matter and to make a genuine and lasting difference to everyone they touch. A satisfying life is lived when we strive to contribute as much as possible, giving freely of ourselves and making a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

On the 1 August 2011 I stepped back from my active role in my various business interests and “REFIRED”. I now focus all my energy into researching, writing, speaking and traveling, working exclusively as a business consultant and professional speaker.

Even Small Businesses can Hire my services as one of the most Entertaining Business motivational and Keynote Inspirational speakers and Time Management Experts.

Small business owners often assume they can’t afford to hire a keynote inspirational speakers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The secret is to work with a motivational speakers in your local area.

For example, we recently put together a series of three, 40-minute presentations for a small business.  The topics included marketing and sales, teamwork and customer service.  The seminars where presented over a period of three months.

It was a win, win, win: the employees of the company received world class training at a price that fit the small business owners budget — and the motivational speaker was able to work close to home.

If you’re a small business owner looking for a motivational speaker, we can help.

Coaching from Andrew Horton one of the Keynote Inspirational Speakers and Time Management Experts that you can trust to deliver every time

Personal and business coaching is a focusing and accountability process designed to help individuals and teams accomplish more of their most important personal and business goals.

One of the services a motivational speakers can provide is follow-up coaching.

One of the most powerful ways the motivational speakers incorporates coaching is by following-up to help participants put ideas into action after your event.

This follow-up coaching can be delivered in a variety of formats including:

  • Follow-up conference calls for small and large groups,
  • Pre-written lessons tailored for your company or group, delivered by e-mail, and
  • Pre-recorded audio or video coaching delivered through a private, customized website.

For example, following a recent sales rally keynote, 130 participants received a 12-part series to increase their personal productivity.

“The follow-up really made a difference for our people,” said the regional sales manager.  “The extra value and unique follow-up coaching process made this one of the best sales motivation programs we’ve ever experienced.”

If you’d like to see an example of what your participants or team will receive from the motivational speakers, please call or email our office.

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