Motivational Quotations – Habits

Motivational Quotations below are all authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training

Motivational Quotations – Habits

In a very simplistic, yet realistic fashion, all we really experience in our lives are events and outcomes. The outcomes we experience are governed by our habitual responses to these events. Simply by training (developing appropriate habits) yourself to have an appropriate response to any event you may experience, you can predict the outcome of every event in your life and thereby write your own future

Forget New Year’s resolutions this year and rather make a conscious DECISION to live your potential in 2010. Set a minimum standard for your performance in all seven areas of your life and then make performing at this minimum standard your new 2010 habit. Consciously work at performing at this level until it becomes an entrenched habit and you will have created all the conditions necessary for living in the magic of life.

The fundamental workings in your life are driven by your habits and beliefs. If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always got. If you want things to change, for the better in your life and realize your potential. Look at what you are doing, keep what is working and have the courage to change what isn’t

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We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can develop habits that will allow us to respond appropriately to most events in our lives. The effort invested in developing these success habits will equip us to begin to take responsibility for our future and put control squarely in our grasp.

Train yourself to respond more often than you react; and acknowledge that it will take conscious energy and mind management to achieve this

Knowledge is never power, until you consistently apply knowledge in your life, to direct and manufacture your future, the knowledge remains only a set of guidelines that serve no purpose. What is holding you away from converting your knowledge into “YOUR POWER”?

We are designed to operate habitually and almost everything we do is dictated by our habits. Why not identify the success habits necessary to live in line with your life purpose or vision and then apply yourself to make them your new success habit set.

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From my experience it is the simple things that always seem to work the best. It took repetition to create the current habits that may or may not be serving you. Through inspired action and consistent repetition you can replace your unproductive habits with new success habits. There are a number of techniques that have proved effective as shown in numerous studies proving the existence of Neuro plasticity.

When you look back over your life one day are you going to be filled with regrets for what could have been? Pretend right now you are at the end of the most amazing life possible. What do you see? Now all you have to do is create the habits, beliefs, vision and goals to support just that picture of possibilities and it can all be yours.

Having a clear understanding of what has limited your growth in the past is important, as it gives you a set of guidelines, which show you what to avoid in the future. The behaviors, habits and beliefs that have held you away from your dreams until now, are merely neural pathways that can be altered.

Try to identify one new habit at a time that will serve you going forward. Invest the time to make this part of who and what you are and success will begin to manifest in the most unsuspecting ways

Practice the success habit of rehearsing your perfect future regularly throughout your day. Your subconscious does not know the difference between your imagined future and the real thing. Consistent use of this success habit will exponentially increase your potential to bring your perfect future into you’re your reality

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Avoid the habit of continually finding ways to GET OFF and develop the success habit of GETTING ON. GET ON with creating and applying your success habits, acquiring the knowledge and skills you need, taking consistent inspired action and live your potential. When you look back over your life will you remember all the times you GOT OFF (Gave up) or the times you GOT ON?

If you are in any way unsure of what your beliefs are, all you have to do is take a look around your life right now, you are living those beliefs. Accept that the environment you live in is the result of your beliefs and not vice versa. This realization changes you from a mere CREATURE of your circumstances to a direct CREATOR of your circumstances.

Inspiration is that fire in your belly that drives you to begin taking the necessary action to realize your dreams. Developing success habits to sustain your efforts, is what will keep you going even when that initial fire begins to burn out. Examine your habits today, are the things you habitually do, leading you closer to or holding you away from your dreams? Keep doing what is working, but have the conviction and the courage to begin developing success habits that will guarantee your success.

Acceptance and approval from others is always great. When the desire for approval becomes a NEED or even worse an addiction, it becomes destructive and leaves us feeling inadequate all the time. Kick the habit of seeking something outside of ourselves that can only be obtained from within and you will become more relaxed, centered, confident and happy.

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Invest time and effort into developing a set of success habits and an attitude, to support you on the path to making your dreams come true. Someone with a great attitude is unstoppable, whilst someone with a negative attitude never even gets started at all. Examine your attitude, what message is it sending the world?  Is it supporting or sabotaging your efforts?

Are you not reading because you are unable to read, or are you just UNWILLING to read? Not reading is the cause of ignorance and remaining stuck in the rut of mediocrity is the price of prolonged ignorance. Stop cursing the effects not reading is causing in your life and address the cause.

Feed your mind, nourish your soul and educate your philosophy by reading as many books as possible. Books are filled with ideas, concepts, opportunities and learning, all just waiting for your intellectual feasting.

Taking action immediately once a decision is made is so important. The art is in the discipline, which once the decision has been made energy must be put into molding the constructs into your action plan.

Are your routines serving you and complimenting your efforts to discover your excellence or are they like a lead weight around your neck, holding you back and frustrating your efforts? Drag your self out of the rut of mediocrity and have huge expectations around what you want from your life. Unleash your excellence and discover that your path to effortless success, is paved with your trained and ingrained SUCCESS HABITS.

Everything that gets measured and consistently actioned, gets done. Create a daily ritual of reflecting, reviewing, assessing and updating your personal performance and you will empower yourself to achieve, anything you set your mind to.

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Over 90 % of your activities are controlled by your habits. Are you trapped in the rut of mediocrity, because your habits are acting as anchors weighing you down? Break free today and propel yourself to meteoric heights of success, by exchanging those limiting habits for a GOAL ACHIEVEMENT ROUTINE that will effortlessly facilitate your excellence.

Are you trapped in the rut of mediocrity, because your habits are acting as anchors weighing you down? Break free from mediocrity today and propel yourself to meteoric heights of success, by exchanging those limiting habits for a GOAL ACHIEVEMENT ROUTINE that will effortlessly facilitate your excellence.

It took repetition to create the current habits that may or may not be serving you. By applying inspired action, consistent repetition and developing an effective system for managing your activities, you can replace your unproductive habits with new success habits and turn yourself into a superstar.

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training 

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