Motivational Quotations – Ideas

Motivational Quotations below are all authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training

Motivational Quotations – Ideas

You can never get anything great in life, until you know exactly what it is you want. Get clarity – apply your inspired energy, consistently and live in the magic of life. Every reality that is lived today, started out as only an idea in someone’s head. Why not turn your idea into, your reality?

 A life lived without passion, purpose and a connection to something bigger than yourself will never offer you what you need or expect from your life .Choose to become the chess master and refuse to remain simply the pawn in your game of life and accept that your thoughts must match up with the reality you want to experience in your life, pull the trigger and live your dreams

Are you choosing to live a superficial life and acting like a victim of your circumstances, because you find accepting and acting on the reality, that you have the power to have, do and be anything you choose too daunting? Stop hiding from your magnificence and make the choice to once again become the director of your own future.

 Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training

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