Motivational Quotations – Now

Motivational Quotations below are all authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training in South Africa

Motivational Quotations – Now

When we expend every NOW in a state of creation, we have no time for judgment, only for growth and joy.

Learn from the past, live in the now

Now is all we have. Invested wisely, our now will deliver all our dreams and lead us to live in the magic of life. How would you rather invest your now? In creating the future of your dreams or in mindless pastimes that only pass the time.

All we have is the NOW. Never expend your NOW on anything that is not in line with what makes you feel great. Listen to your emotions; they are the guides that help you to live on purpose.

Time Management Training in South Africa Do you spend too much time locked in yesterday that is gone forever or daydreaming about a tomorrow that may never come? Stop acting as an absenteeism Landlord over the miracle of the moment and savor the miraculous power of consistently and completely utilizing your NOW’S.

Right now is the best time to begin focusing your energy on utilizing your best talents and for you to begin seeing your dreams materialize. Stop postponing living, until something happens or you reach a specific milestone

one, play your best game today and every day and allow your excellence to shine brightly, as you use every chance to be unique and show your greatness.

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training South Africa

Time Management Training in South Africa

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