Motivational Quotations – Opportunity

Motivational Quotations below are all authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training in South Africa

Motivational Quotations – Opportunity

An open mind allows you to see opportunity all around you and with the addition of inspired action, delivers the prize of living your full potential

Good things come to those who wait. Great things come to those that get off their butts and make things happen.

We have become such a now generation, expecting instant everything. Accept the concept of DELAYED GRATIFICATION, keep applying inspired action and anything you consistently apply yourself to achieving, is possible.

We hold ourselves away from our potential, not because we don’t have what it takes, but rather because we have unrealistic expectations around the timing, for realizing our goals. Accept that everything you desire will arrive and keep taking the actions you know are necessary and it will all become your reality. Accept the concept of delayed gratification and you will live in the magic of life.

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When you learn to shift your focus, opportunities that are staring you in the face right now will almost miraculously seem to become clear to you. This shift occurs when you get clarity on exactly what you want which then programs your brain to focus like a laser on finding ways of bringing exactly that into your reality.

Rediscover the natural curiosity you exhibited as a child and become an ACTIVE LEARNER. This opens up a world of possibilities for you, prepares you to fully exploit opportunities and continually expands your body of knowledge. Top this off with longer and a better quality of life. Do you think something this beneficial is something you would like to DO?

Complacency will serve as your map to nowhere, learn to fight your natural tendency to always return to the safety of your comfort zone, when faced with adversity or challenges and extend yourself beyond what may be comfortable and convenient. Opportunity often lies in unfamiliar places, beyond where you feel comfortable, explore these unchartered places and uncover the connection to your success

Although there appear to be 365 days in a year, in reality there are only as many days, as you actually make use of. Have the courage to put perceived failures behind you, build on the successes of the previous day and light the flame of opportunity at the dawn of each new day. Then decide what type of days makes you the most satisfied and create more of those

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Opportunity rarely breaks down your door to let you know that it is there. Step out of your comfort zone and allow your mind to walk in new directions, where you can explore unchartered places and uncover new potential opportunities. Complacency is one sure fire way to stay stuck where you are.

Time spent with optimists and positive people is time invested wisely, for the measure of a real optimist is not in the fact that they always see their glass as half full, but that they also see the abundance all around them and are therefore willing to share their half full glass with you.

The first answers that come to you are little more than ingrained regurgitation’s of your trained patterns of thought. Learn the art of staying with any question until you have explored it thoroughly & allowed your brain the freedom to reveal as many alternatives as possible. This allows you time to search through those billions of thoughts that are ricocheting through your brain until the right one comes into view.

Allow your mind the time it needs to reveal the treasure box of ideas, inspirations and insights that lie hidden in your subconscious, by thoroughly examining any opportunity until the vast panorama of possible solutions become clear to you.

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You become an OPPORTUNITY ATTRACTOR, through the skills you acquire, the disciplines you have learnt to practice, the attitude you project, language you use and by developing mutually beneficial relationships with the right people. Allow your reputation to precede you and you will see the light of new opportunity shine on you every day

Reach deep inside yourself and uncover the resources, wisdom and conviction that will allow you to step outside your comfort zone. For it is here that you will begin to explore new territory and discover many opportunities that are currently hidden from you.

Never loose sight of the value of patience; it is a really powerful tool in your arsenal of success. It keeps you inspired and persistent, brings greater wisdom and perspective to any challenges and allows you to stay focused and to see difficult, yet worthwhile, projects to completion.

Create a mindset where you orient yourself to constantly be on the look out for fortuitous situations or circumstances. It is extremely difficult to identify opportunities, when you are not looking for them and impossible, if you do not believe in yourself, your abilities and the potential that any opportunity offers.

 Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training

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