Motivational Quotes – Choice

Motivational Quotes Authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training

Motivational Quotes – Choice

Everything in life is a choice. Things only become nasty, rude or down grading when you allow yourself to give things that meaning. They are just words, articulated into a sentence after all. We give those words meaning and power over us only if we allow. Take back your power and choose your thoughts and actions, but mostly choose the people you spend time with.

Everything you need to have, do and be anything you desire, is hidden inside you, waiting to be discovered and unleashed. What are you waiting for?

Is there really such a thing as A BAD DAY? If there was, then how can some people have a fantastic day whilst others have a terrible day? The kind of day you have is a choice, choose to have great days going forward, what have you got to loose.

If you want to predict what your life will be like in the future, have a careful look at what you are consistently doing, thinking and talking about. Does the picture that comes into your mind excite or scare you? Are you willing to let your future just unfold without you exercising any control or are you going to take action today to think, do and say the things that will deliver your dreams.

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Why choose to have negative thoughts or to take actions that don’t contribute to your success. Make the choice today to believe that not only is it possible, but it is possible for you. Then begin to take action to eliminate negative thoughts & unproductive habits from your life. Through consistent effort you will have fewer & fewer negative thoughts & you will begin to practice only actions that will contribute to your success

Choice is what makes being human so wonderful. You can choose to either be a direct CREATOR of your daily circumstances or you can idle along through life and just be a CREATURE of your circumstances.

Our lives and indeed our futures are defined every day by the decisions we make or fail to make. Trust yourself enough to make the right choices and make your decision making process an empowering one. Listen to the counsel of your intuitive mind and allow your decisions to be a reflection of your true desires.

A lot of lessons in our life escape us because we’ve never reflected on them long enough to make them stick. We’ve had lots of things happen that were rich learning opportunities but we were so busy to move on to the next thing that we never paused to reflect on what we learned

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After you have overcome any challenge that may have come your way, pause and reflect on everything that can be learned from that experience. Never allow lessons to escape, because you were too busy to reflect on them long enough, to gain the knowledge they have to offer.

None of us have any idea of what we are truly capable of physiologically, psychologically or spiritually. We all sell ourselves short, and until someone can expand our horizon, we think we’re maxed out doing the most we can possibly be doing. The best way to let people know they have far more potential than they’ve tapped into is to share examples of others. There really are far less limits than we imagine there to be

After hearing a story of a lady of 63 lifting a 1 ton vehicle of her trapped son, I ask you, have you got any idea of what you are truly capable of? Stop selling yourself short and realize that you have unlimited potential and capabilities. Expand your own horizons and you will soon see, that you are only tapping into a very small part of your potential and abilities.

You can simply GO through life and blunder aimlessly to nowhere or choose to continually GROW as you as you progress through the journey of life, seeking to create something new every day.

You can choose to alter things for the better by design or you can sit back and allow things to worsen spontaneously through neglect. When facing the choice to change your mind about the way you view things in your world or proving to yourself there is no need to change. Don’t waste valuable time getting busy on the proof, rather change what seems unchangeable by changing the way you see it.

Make the choice to harvest all the abundance that flows from, through and to you. Sharing, utilizing and distributing the abundance that is embodied in everything in the universe is our birthright and an integral part of our reason for being. Don’t wait for life to give you meaning, strive to give meaning to your life and live your potential.

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Dream big and have huge expectations, for seldom does anyone exceed their own expectations. Make the choice that your journey to living your dreams begins right here and right now, see the abundance that surrounds all of us, be open to share this with others, aim to enrich the world with all that you do and then have the patience to watch your dreams unfold into the sunshine of your reality.

When you make the choice and begin to give freely of yourself in a creative, loving and non expectant way, you open the path to living in an extremely satisfying environment, in which you get to enrich yourself and everyone you touch.

We live in a truly magnificent universe; there is a vast amount of wonder, beauty and so much to appreciate all around us. Make the choice today to finally open your eyes and see; that amazing star filled sky, that incredible beauty as the sun sets and rises, the joy in the faces of laughing children and all the other splendor that nature has to offer. We are truly blessed to live amongst such magnificence.

Invest energy into developing your self awareness. The more you learn about who you are the better equipped you are to make smarter choices and decisions, relating to the important issues in your life. As your choices and decisions improve, so too will the results you enjoy start to fall into line with your expectations and dreams.

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Take a long look in your mirror of assessment and see if the picture reflected, is in line with the decisions and choices you have made and the actions you are taking, to live a life of excellence. This process of self examination allows you to examine and challenge any thought patterns, behaviors or habits that are holding you back and to begin to declare new choices, establish new behaviors, build new skills and begin taking bold new actions that will help you discover the excellence you desire

When you shine a light on your mental and emotional programming and discover what is standing in the way of your brilliance, you create awareness around your limiting patterns and you are able to take remedial action and change them. Have the courage to take a really, in depth look at how you do anything, especially the most trivial of tasks, because that will be a clear indicator of how you do everything, including the really important tasks in your life

Guard your integrity and be very selective around the commitments and promises you make, as you “MUST” honor all of them. You have no choice over what you get to bring into this world, but you most certainly get to choose the reputation you create, while you are here.

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training

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