Motivational Sales Speakers Quotes – Creativity

 Motivational Sales Speakers Quotes by Andrew Horton Sales  Training

Motivational Sales Speakers Quotes on – Creativity

Over 90 % of 5 year old’s test, as creative. By the age of seven only 10 % test as creative and by the time they turn ten only 2 % are creative. This remains constant throughout our lives. I refuse to believe that we loose our creativity; we simply indoctrinate ourselves into becoming non creative. Look deep inside yourself and begin to search for that creativity and then do what it takes to release it

I know that the loss of creativity is not motivated by any malice, but our well meaning parents, care givers, coaches, teachers etc. Force us to conform to satisfy their needs and happiness. They constantly remind us not to day dream, to concentrate and to be quiet and attentive. None of these serve us as children. We learn to conform as this pleases those in charge. The pattern of conformity then gradually robs us of our creativity and in many cases, confidence, self belief and sadly our potential.

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The rapid rate of change in the world today demands that we become more creative in every way. I hope the adults of today can learn this valuable lesson and not do to the youth of today what was done to us.

I use the term indoctrinate ourselves as I am a huge believer in the adage, that we must take full responsibility for everything in our lives, both good and bad.

We can embellish a version of events where everyone outside of ourselves is responsible for our generations’ lack of creativity. Or we can individually accept responsibility for everything and I mean everything in our lives. Until you accept responsibility, you only disempower yourself.

History serves only one purpose; it is a learning opportunity, so that we do not repeat the same mistakes made by our forefathers. Let us individually take responsibility for our lack of creativity today and then begin to take the steps necessary to correct this. Responsibility is so empowering.

We must then learn the lesson highlighted by the problems experienced by our generation and not repeat the same mistakes with our children.

Do you believe that reality is something out there over which you have no control? Or do you believe that you can create your own reality minute by minute? When you choose the latter, you take responsibility for your life; you then have the power to create your future one moment at a time. You can either choose to be BITTER over what has happened to you in the past or you can choose to be BETTER.

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To create any desired change in your life, you must create a gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. Make the future picture of where you want to be far more inviting, attractive and way more necessary than where you currently are. This gap will coerce your brain into doing what is necessary to close this gap.

We are all inherently creative, open your mind right now and begin to believe in your abilities and your potential, to be a creator of everything in your life. Making this choice will allow you to discover and utilize the ocean of abundance that is your creativity.

All creativity is killed when you blindly allow routine to dictate how your day unfolds. Set your creativity free today, by shaking out your habits and routines and stimulating your creativity by progressively doing things differently each day, searching out and exploring a myriad of different ideas and concepts, observe, learn from and spend time with people that actively express their creativity and then sit back and watch your creativity boil over as you learn to express it.

Stop allowing your creative side to be buried under an avalanche of negative thoughts, questions and fears. Set your creativity free, from your self imposed limitations and allow it to soar to new meteoric heights, where everything is possible

The world is your audience and is waiting for you to express your genius and to show your creativity. What are you waiting for, live in the present and use every moment to create an eager expectancy about the future and you will see all your dreams come true

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The world is your audience and is waiting for you to express your genius and to show your creativity. What are you waiting for, live in the present and use every moment to create an eager expectancy about the future and you will create an environment where you will see all your dreams begin to come true

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