Motivational Quotes – Energy

Motivational Quotes below are all authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training

Motivational Quotes – Energy

Now is the time to start making healthier choices, to start eating more real food, to devote more time to exercise, to make your health a top priority and to strive to include activities that improve your health, into your success habit set. You only have one body, don’t wait until it breaks down through neglect, before you make the positive changes you know are needed right now.

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Stop acting like a victim to your emotions & increase your awareness around the true meaning or message your emotions are sending you. The intense feelings (energy in motion) E-MOTIONS, you feel are simply your internal messengers, sending messages to you, which you can allow to overwhelm you or you can choose to take note of the message content & then simply choose a more positive E-MOTION or energy flow

Start creating the physical health that is aligned with your goals and dreams. It requires a healthy body to change your head full of great ideas into tangible results. The more you invest into improving your health, the easier it will be to live a harmonious life and the greater will be the rewards in every area of your life

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training

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