Motivational Quotes – Failure

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Motivational Quotes – Failure

Successful people fail far more often than unsuccessful people. The most important thing to understand about failure is that it is only feedback, maybe not the kind of feedback we want, but it is only the universe not delivering the outcome we want or expect.  Successful people have a very simple response to failure, NEXT.  Failure is an opportunity for us to learn, grow, develop, gain more knowledge or simply search for better responses that will deliver the outcome we desire. Failure is never a reason for us to wallow in self pity or a reason for us to give up.

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There are two ways you are guaranteed to fail, either don’t start or give up at the first hurdle you come to. There is however one way to guarantee your success, simply persist & keep taking positive steps every day that will move you one small step closer to success & then repeat this process every day, until you achieve the results you desire. Does that sound too simple, well it is, what are you waiting for, begin taking those small steps until & you can have do or be anything you desire.

Failure is an event that can only become your reality, if you give up and stop trying. Learn everything you can from any challenge that crosses your path and then go about the business of discovering any opportunity that lies in or around each challenge. You are a winner and can achieve almost anything you apply your inspired energy to; pull the trigger on your success today and you will see the magic begin.

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