Motivational Quotes – Fear

Motivational Quotes below are all authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training

Motivational Quotes – Fear

FEAR – False Expression About Reality. Fear like all emotion is a choice. You can either choose to be afraid or you can choose to be empowered. Energy the same – the results verrrrrrry different result.

 Fear normally manifests when we are exposed to the unknown. You are expecting to step outside of your comfort zone. Your psycho cybernetic mechanism is firing neuro transmitters into your brain to make you fell severe discomfort. You are experiencing real fear.

 The one thing that separates those who live their dreams from those that wish they did, is that the former feel the fear, assess the situation, see if the fear is justified or not and then they go ahead and take action despite the fear.

 FEAR is a reality of life that we can either choose to fight or embrace. Break free and stop being a prisoner to your insecurities and learn the success habit of managing your FEAR. This will make your FEAR work for you. Shifting your thinking around FEAR will make FEAR your ally thereby changing it into a positive factor that can guide you toward living your success.

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We are born to be happy and to love, fear is something we learn. Choose to live your essential reality and true reason for existing by managing your fear and unleashing your love and happiness on the world.

 Feelings of fear are merely an indication that you are on the edge of your comfort zone. Have the courage to face your fear and overcome this inner obstacle to your success. Respect and honor your fear and learn to listen to the wisdom it brings for it is the forerunner of transformation in your life.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE!! Not obtaining a desired result is merely a beginning, an opportunity to learn and create a wealth of functional knowledge and skill that will ultimately lead to success. Have the courage to take calculated risks, for the burden of not starting at all is far greater than the effort required to succeed.

 Success becomes a matter of simply joining the dots & becomes simple to discover, create & sustain, when you stop making your future potential, the sacrificial lamb, to today’s instant gratification. Make the choice today and every day after that, to become more disciplined & start taking those few small actions every day that you know will deliver your dreams.

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Commit to do this consistently for the rest of your life & you can have, do or be anything. “A little effort a lot”, will always deliver better results than “a lot effort a little”.

 Enter the master game today & steer your ship toward your own excellence, peace of mind and joy. Break free from mediocrity & stop living in constant fear of what could go wrong in your life. Instead build an appreciation for what will begin to go right in your life, when you have the courage to explore all the wonderful possibilities that are all around you & you finally decide to turn up the volume on your success & switch on your brilliance.

 Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training

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