Motivational Quotes – Feedback

    Motivational Quotes Authored by Andrew Horton Time Management Training

Motivational Quotes – Feedback

Feedback is all around you if you are willing to look, listen, feel, search inwardly and listen to that inner voice. Feedback remains only information though, until you use it to take inspired action toward creating the life of your dreams. The more often you look for and act on feedback the sooner you will be, have and do everything you desire.

There is no such thing as positive or negative feedback. There is only FEEDBACK. Your response to any feedback you receive makes it either positive or negative. (E+R=O). Use all feedback from your environment to take regular, inspired action that will ensure you remain focused on your goals and on track to living your dreams.

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Take a real good look at who you really are and see how much you actually have going for yourself. Happiness is not something you find, it is something you are. Find all the reasons to feel content and happy, take time to look there are plenty. Once you have identified all the plusses in your life, make a point of sharing them with someone close to you and allow yourself to feel pride and pleasure in who you really are

We receive feedback on our performance all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not.  The key to becoming and remaining successful is to increase your awareness of all feedback you receive, so you can take regular and consistent action to continue to adjust and refine your performance.  Consistently assess all the feedback you receive to assess whether the actions you are taking are bringing you closer to your goal or taking you off track

 Nothing meaningful can happen in your life until you get control over where you are; focus on where you want to go and you create a system for gathering regular feedback on your progress as you move along the path from one to the other

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Feedback is all around; if you are willing to look & listen to the messages you are receiving from your environment or search inwardly & listen to the subtle messages that come from your inner self. It remains only information though, until you use it to take inspired action toward creating the life of your dreams. The more often you look for & act on feedback the sooner you will be, have & do everything you desire

 Take inventory of your life today, let go or change the parts that are not working and strive to nurture and develop the parts that are. When you weed, water, nurture and plant new seedlings in your garden of success, you open yourself to new opportunities, allow new people to come into your life and new resources become available to you.

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