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Daily Inspirational message

The inspiration or motivation you feel after listening to one of the most energized motivational Speakers, very quickly fades, unless you take positive steps very soon after the presentation to maintain the momentum.

After attending this presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of sales training and time management training, we will offer you tools and techniques to help you maintain this momentum and inspiration you garnered from this presentation by a fantastic motivational speaker and to help you gain the maximum benefit from the principles offered, I highly recommend that you sign up to receive my daily inspirational quote as soon as possible.

To do this please visit my website at and then navigate to the resources section. Under this section please follow the link to “Daily Inspirational Quote”. Complete your details in the section under “Join Our Mailing List”.

A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please reply to this mail by clicking on the link. You will begin to receive the Daily Inspirational Quote from the next morning.

After attending this presentation by one of the most informative and entertaining motivational speakers in the field of time management training, you will find start to receive a daily inspirational message that you will receive every morning through your email is designed to help you maintain the momentum created by the presentation and sets the tone for a successful and positive day.

You have a unique gift that is waiting to be discovered and put to use to create the life of your dreams. Although this gift of your unique personality and individual talents may seem hidden, once you find yours, use it with persistence and you will be rewarded with a sense of happiness and deep satisfaction, nothing else can provide.

Are you choosing to live a superficial life and acting like a victim of your circumstances, because you find accepting and acting on the reality, that you have the power to have, do and be anything you choose too daunting? Stop hiding from your magnificence and make the choice to once again become the director of your own future and learn to live your potential.

Do you feel like you have untapped abilities & potential, yet you feel lost, unsure & disorientated & locked away from opportunities. You are what I call, “A WINNER IN WAITING”.  Unleash your dormant excellence, by initiating small meaningful changes that will allow you to explore everything, from a slightly different perspective. Repeat this process, until you see things begin to align with your expectations. You have the capacity to change & to lead meaningful and productive life, what are you waiting for.

Develop real belief in your abilities and potential and commit to take consistent, focused daily action, toward realizing your dreams and you will eventually get to live them all. Begin right now, to dream big and have huge expectations, commit to your excellence and anything and everything is possible for you

Develop a sense of your self-worth, take ownership of the positive difference you make in your environment and stop minimizing the valuable contributions you make to the world. Appreciate yourself and realise what an incredible person you really are and allow your bright light to shine on every one you touch.

The world is waiting for you to unwrap, the gift of your unlimited potential and for you to start delivering on your brilliance. Stop doubting your abilities, have the courage to finally unleash that hidden potential and reclaim your excellence. When you decide to do this, anything is not only possible, but it is possible for you.

Stop limiting your progress with self-doubt, create a positive innate belief in your abilities, then have the courage to unleash your excellence on the world and you will see that anything and everything is possible for you.

Positive affirmation CD

I have also included a positive affirmation CD. Please listen to this recording every morning when you wake up. Listen to the instructions on the CD, then just relax and allow yourself to listen to and accept the positive affirmations that will be conveyed to you.

This recording is broken into two sections, the first seven minutes is played at normal volume and is easily heard. The second section is a repeat of the same affirmations, the only difference is that the volume on the affirmations has been turned down and is virtually inaudible. This forces your brain to more easily accept the affirmations and makes them more believable.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers will show you how to gain the most benefit from the positive affirmation audio recording, please listen to only the first seven minutes on the CD for the first two weeks. Once you have become accustomed to making the time available to listen to the positive affirmation CD, first thing every morning and you are feeling more comfortable and relaxed with using the recording every day, please increase this to include the second seven minutes as well.

Audio Recordings

This presentation by one of the greatest motivational speakers and time management training expert, we will show you that, Information or knowledge is of no value at all, unless you apply it in your life. The biggest challenge when you listen to any professional speaker, is gaining any long term benefit from the talk, which you can actually take away with you and apply in your life.

Theses audio recordings that I have developed for you are meant to firstly serve as a reminder of the content of my presentation that you attended on the 7 December 2010 and secondly provide you with a foundation for taking this knowledge and applying it in your life.

Please use your commuting time as a learning and growth opportunity. Listen to the two CD’s as often as possible. Take one of the principles offered and try to apply one new principle in your life every week.

This presentation by one of the most entertaining and informative motivational speakers, will guide you to discover the secret to long term sustainable success is awareness, knowledge, skill, commitment, discipline and a willingness to take action. Introduce this philosophy into your life and you become unstoppable and anything and everything becomes possible for you, your team and your corporation.

I have developed these recordings to serve as a reminder after the event and to serve as a source of inspiration when you feel that you need a little pick-me-up. Commit to a lifelong habit of continued learning and create a new daily discipline of listening to this recording or a something similar and you will be setting the stage for incredible success.


I have also included a DVD recording, containing positive behavior reinforcing statements and affirmations. This resource is designed as an additional source of inspiration and as a visual reminder to help you stay disciplined and on track.

It is commonly believed that a picture paints a thousand words. This DVD most certainly can be a powerful motivator and will empower you on those days when you feel uninspired or down.

You can choose success or you can simply just slip back into the herd once again, no one will even notice. The choices you make, actions you take, thoughts you think and words you speak shape your future. Is your choice of activities, thoughts and words in line with your vision of the future?

If you want to preserve your goals and ensure that 2010 is the year you finally deliver on all your promises to yourself, make this the year of inspection, review and action. No matter how good your plans, intentions or goals may be, nothing meaningful can happen, until you start to measure your performance on a regular basis and take corrective action to keep yourself on the track of success.

Are you going to continue to allow regrets to replace your dreams? Decide today, how much life you are prepared to exchange for living your dreams, then simply pull the trigger, begin taking the inspired action necessary and you will see your dreams unfold before your eyes

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