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Andrew’s no. 1 goal when he speaks is:

  1. To ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that he can help them to renew their  vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.
  2. He will create a spark in as many people in the audience as possible or to inspire them to take action so they can achieve exactly, what they desire!

His relaxed and humorous style ensures that his message is remembered long after the event is over.

Andrew Horton is one of the top, informative and entertaining,  South African Inspirational and Motivational Speakers. He specialises in Sales Training and time management. As an expert sales trainer, with years of practical experience, hewill guide you and your sales team to optimise your productivity, activity, time management and Inspiration. His talks are designed to not only regurgitate knowledge and facts, which leave participants all fired up and motivated for a very short time after the event.  All his talks are designed to deliver great value, maximum energy, passion and inspiration, yet still ensuring that there is a maximum amount of relevant knowledge transfer.

Andrew is a very successful sales training specialist and one of the most sought after Motivational Speakers in South Africa. He does not only regurgitate information, which he has gleaned from human development books, he deliver practical and informative talks, he has constructed from his many years of in depth business experience and success. If you choose his Diamond Package, everyone, who attends one of his talks is handed a workbook, a set of audio and DVD programs, which are designed to serve as a guide, a reminder and a set of practical change tools, which every willing attendee can easily apply in their lives.

Andrew is one of the greats on the South African Motivational speakers circuit. He has a very engaging style and his purpose when he talks is to ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that he can help them renew their vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.  In a business context, Andrew helps to communicate company strategy and purpose with clarity and helps employees to see the future in a positive light as well as inspiring them to work together as a team. Andrew is in the business of helping organizations become both purpose and profit maximisers and he guides all stakeholders to work to consistently grow themselves, thereby becoming invaluable assets to themselves and the organization.

He works as one of the great motivational speakers within your organization to ignite a spark in as many audience members as possible and his goal is to inspire everyone to not only begin taking the action necessary to succeed, but to sustain this effort until they have the success they desire. Andrew is a grounded and deeply curious teacher that offers a simple, no nonsense approach to uncovering the hidden potential that lies within all of us and every organization.

A life lived without passion, purpose and a connection to something bigger than yourself will never offer you what you need or expect from your life. Choose to become the chess master and refuse to remain simply the pawn in your game of life and accept that your thoughts must match up with the reality you want to experience in your life, pull the trigger right now and begin to live your dreams.

Are you choosing to live a superficial life and acting like a victim of your circumstances, because you find accepting and acting on the reality, that you have the power to have, do and be anything you choose too daunting? Stop hiding from your magnificence and make the choice to once again become the director of your own future.

You can never get anything great in life, until you know exactly what it is you want. Get clarity – apply your inspired energy, consistently and live in the magic of life. Every reality that is lived today, started out as only an idea in someone’s head. Why not turn your idea into, your reality?

Set your ideas free and allow your thoughts to create the necessary plans to begin realizing all the possibilities that abound in your life. You have an unbelievable ability to have, do and be anything, if you commit to take daily disciplined action to facilitate the right action steps that will allow you to live your excellence and release your brilliance.

Accept that every goal will never be accomplished without encountering numerous challenges along the way. Welcome all these challenges and quickly look to overcome them or even turn them around into possible opportunities. This small shift t in the way you think will allow you to progress towards living your dreams very quickly and completely reduce the stress associated with all progress.

I have found that when you actually set a daily goal to encounter and overcome a certain number of challenges, you completely eliminate all stress associated with the inevitable challenges that cross your path. Challenges are inevitable, but then so is success, if you accept that challenges are a reality of life and that they are only something that comes along that may slow your progress, uncover new opportunities and if you really want to have a major shift in the way you think, then each challenge you face and overcome, is simply one step closer to the success you desire.

The one certainty you have in your life in these fast moving and evolving times; is CHANGE. Whether by choice or by circumstance any change you experience thrusts you out of your comfort zones into a world of the unknown.

It is during these times that your FEARS and self-doubts creep in and you become uncertain as to how you can keep moving forward. This is the time that you need courage and belief to carry you forward. Courage to take some tough decisions without a lot of facts and complete belief in your-self and your abilities to allow you to manage and overcome any challenges that will inevitably cross your path,  as you evolve and change.

Andrew is one of the most informative and entertaining motivational speakers in his field. He will show you that Change is inevitable so don’t just accept change, expect and prepare for change and you will have found a success tool that will help accelerate your success. Change is most often mysterious and unpredictable, but often very necessary to allow you to grow and develop. All progress requires change, but remember that not all change is progress.

Keep the belief in your own abilities, that you will cope with anything that may come your way and see all change as merely something that has come along, to help spur you down your path of success, allowing you to evolve and develop into a conscious and brilliant human being.

Managing change is difficult and moving through the transition required, with confidence and ease is tough. You will feel unprepared and vulnerable. This is the time to take stock of your skills, wisdom and resources that are available to you right now that will help you manage any change and see what you have going for you.

This is the time to start harvesting and applying the wisdom and skills you already have, which will show you that you have do some control and allow you to begin to calm your mind and help you to feel more grounded and certain.

Remain patient and force yourself to not expect instant gratification or to expect a quick fix. Andrew is one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa he will show that as desirable as getting the change and uncertainty behind you may be. Remain focused on applying the correct judgement call to the change rather than a quick solution that will merely make things worse.

Managing and growing within change is never about beating the clock, it is about cultivating patience, learning, growing and forging a path toward new and greater success.

Real long term and sustainable success is about the things you don’t do. When you learn to say no to the good, you leave room for the great. Practice the art of knowing when to say no. This will free up valuable time and allow you to gain more out of your most valuable possession, namely your time.

These small shifts in the way you think will make the same challenge that feels completely debilitating and unmanageable, seem easy to overcome and manage. Choose to expect challenge, choose to manage challenge, choose to invite challenge into your path, choose to accept challenge and you empower yourself and you become a top achiever.

To implement your plan and take the necessary inspired action to achieve your goals, you will need a system to manage your time and energy. Your time management system must be effective and allow you to allocate time to important issues, whilst ignoring time wasting things, which do not serve your purpose or fit in with your vision.

Examine your thoughts right now; they will give you a very clear picture of what your future will look like. Your dominant trend of thought today will determine what will manifest in your life going forward. Consistent positive and productive thoughts will deliver a far more desirable future than consistently thinking the opposite would

When you look back over your life one day are you going to be filled with regrets for what could have been? Pretend right now you are at the end of the most amazing life possible. What do you see? Now all you have to do is create the habits, beliefs, vision and goals to support just that picture of possibilities and it can all be yours.

If you want to make any philosophy, process, project or goal work in your life, you will need to use a dirty four letter word on a regular basis. The consistent and persistent application of this dirty word will reveal the success that has remained hidden from you for so long. That dirty word is WORK.

More and more businesses and local groups are looking for ways to motivate and inspire their employees and members.  But most assume they need a big budget to hire an inspirational speaker.  That’s not true at all.

Chances are, there is an inspirational speakers living in or near your city who would be happy to work with a business or local group – especially since it means they don’t have to travel a great distance.

If you’re a business owner or event organizer looking for an inspirational  speaker, we can help.

Money-Saving Tip: Have a limited budget?  Team up with other local businesses or groups, share the cost and sponsor a special “Success Day” all your employees or members can attend.

Bottom-line, finding a local inspirational speaker to work with your small business or local group is easier than you think.

How can one of the greatest South African Motivational Speakers Help You and Your Team Achieve Your Goals?

When most people think about hiring an inspirational speaker, the first thing that comes to mind is planning a meeting, booking a hotel, etc.  But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or take days off from work to train and motivate your staff.

Here are three “unconventional” ways an inspirational speaker can help you and your team achieve your goals while saving you a lot of time and money.

1. Hire one of the elite South African Motivational speakers to conduct a series of seminars by telephone.

Recently a company hired me to develop and deliver a series training and coaching conference calls delivered over a period of 90 days.  Participants received a focusing questionnaire to help them prepare, an implementation guide for each call and an accountability process to make the training stick.  It was a big success and saved the company thousands of dollars.

2. Are you looking to have one of the greats on the South African Motivational Speakers circuit create  you an online video training for your team.

New video technology makes it possible to deliver all kinds of live and pre-recorded training and coaching using the Internet.  But you must make sure you’re working with a inspirational speaker who understands how to design and deliver this kind of “virtual” motivation.

3. Hire an inspirational speakers to provide monthly or weekly content for your newsletter or staff meeting.

There are many ways to structure this.  One example is having the inspirational speaker create a series of special written or “multimedia” articles on a specific topic.  Another is having the inspirational speaker deliver a 15-minute coaching implementation session during your team conference call.

If you want to explore ideas with an inspirational speakers experienced in leveraging new technology to design and deliver powerful motivation, training and coaching, contact us now.

Author: Andrew Horton one of the Best South African Motivational Speakers

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