Time Management Training Course – Meetings With Your Future South Africa

Time Management Training Course South Africa

Meetings with Your Future

This time management training course will show you that, now that we have our source document that contains all the actions we must complete during the coming week and we have divided our week up into work days, focus days and rest days.

After completing this time management training course and learning all the tools offered, you will be guided to make time slots available to allow us to carry out all the necessary actions, to positively change your life. These time slots for facilitating the required actions are in effect “meetings with your future”. These meetings are cast in stone and should you need to cancel them for any reason beyond your control, you must immediately reschedule them.

Always remember that this time management training course is all about application, after completing this time management training course, you will be equipped to answer the question, if you had a meeting with a client and you were forced to cancel the meeting due to an emergency, would you not reschedule the meeting at the earliest possible time? These “meetings with your future” are way more important than any customer meeting, as they are sculpting your future and as such they must be rescheduled during the same week or additional time set aside during the following week to ensure that you meet your commitments to yourself.

This time management training  course is all about application, I will show you that the easiest way to do this is to block out regular time slots in your dairy in which you will not make other meetings. For example on a workday, where you need to devote 20 % of your time to your future, you would schedule your “meetings with your future” at say between 09h00 and 10h00. This would be kept the same on each workday during the week..

On a focus day where you invest 80 % of your day into your future, you would schedule two time slots: for example, between 08H00 and 12H00 and 15H00-19H00. The rest of the day would be devoted to work related activities.

This time management training course will show you that your “Meetings with your future” are really crucial and making them a top priority is the only way you will ever break out of the place you find yourself right now.

After completing this time management course you will realize that, as long as you keep doing things the way you have always done them, you will just keep getting the same results. Make the decision right now that you will apply this very important “COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF “on an ongoing basis and I will guarantee you that you will eventually live your dreams.

Please follow the link below to download an example of a weekly planner.

Weekly Planner Dairy

This time management training course will help you to decide how you are going to allocate each day i.e. e choose between a work, focus or rest day, by placing a cross in the block provided at the top of each day on your weekly planner.

The type of day you have chosen will dictate how much time you are going to set aside for “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE”. On a work day you will attempt to set aside at least 20 % of your day to focus on taking actions that will help you achieve your goals.

This time management training course will show you that, once you have decided how much time you need to set aside for the “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” each day, then use the weekly planner to blank out enough time each day to allow you to complete all the necessary tasks or actions.

When you have completed this crucial part of the process in this time management training course, please transfer these meetings to your electronic or other dairy. These “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” are cast in stone and nothing short of a massive emergency should ever get in the way of you carrying out this critical part of your activity management system.

The more disciplined you are with this process, the better equipped you will be to ensure that you are taking the daily actions that will eventually deliver the success you desire.

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