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Time Management Training Programs South Africa

Priortising Goals

Please use this time management training program to define, order and prioritize your goals. Invest inspired energy and sufficient time to prioritize all your goals today as this will allow you to create a hierarchy of importance for your goals; which will allow you to devote your energy and allocate your time efficiently. This will allow you to focus on your most important goals first and will ensure that you do not waste your limited energy and time resource chasing after too many goals at once.

Complete the time management training  program’s  Worksheet 6 which is designed to help you organize all your goals and give them a priority rating. It also offers you a facility to regularly review your progress and track your performance against a predetermined set of performance criterion.  These time management programs highlight the fact that, now is the time to reassess all your goals and to ensure that they are in line with your vision or true life purpose.

After competing this time management training program, you will be guided to revisit each goal and ensure that the price you will be required to pay to achieve each goal is acceptable and in line with your expectations. It is of little value and a huge waste of time and energy, to start taking action to achieve one of your goals, only to realize that the price required to achieve the goal is way higher than you are prepared to pay.

This time management training program is all about application and after completing the program and learning all the skills offered, you will realize that any worthwhile goal will stretch you and make you extend yourself beyond your current comfort zone. This is important to ensure that you gradually expand, your self imposed comfort zone and grow into your unlimited potential. To make the goal achievement process really effective make sure it contains these three elements:

  • It must be completely clear without any ambiguity.
  • All important salient points must be clearly defined.
  • It must have a clearly stated time frame for completion.

These time management training programs allow you to think of your goals as a BLUEPRINT for the universe. If you are vague, the results that will manifest will be vague. The more vivid the detail you can put into your BLUEPRINT, the easier it will be to create an effective plan and the better the results at the end.

This Time Management Training  Program will Ensure that your goals are SMART

  • Specific: It clearly states what you will achieve. It paints a vivid picture of the destination.
  • Measurable: It clearly lays out the criteria for achievement. You’ll know when you’ve achieved the goal or completed the step. It’s observable. It’s quantifiable.
  • Achievable: It stretches you within a realistic window. You’ve got the internal and external resources (or, you can get them) to achieve the goal.
  • Relevant: It’s connected to your Purpose, your vision, and your values. In other words, it’s relevant to what’s most important to you, and it’s your goal, not someone else’s.
  • Time-dimensioned: It lays out a specific time frame for completion. You’ve identified when someone could show up and see you complete the goal or step. Or, if it’s an ongoing piece of your goal, you’ve identified the frequency—how often will it happen?

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