Time Management Training Skills – Creating Your Monthly Plan – South Africa

Time Management Training Skills South Africa

Creating your Monthly Plan

This time management training  program will equip you with tools to help you to develop your time management skills and will help you to expand on your annual plan, improve your time management skills and to get even more focus and clarity, we now progress into creating our monthly plan. This is the time in the planning process where we begin to convert our goals into bite size chunks that can realistically be achieved during the next month.

Time management training is about self management, after learning the tools offered in this time management training program and apply them to your project sheets that you created before, they will serve as the input documents to create your monthly plan. As with your goal sheets that you worked with previously, you will have prioritized, which projects are most important. Schedule your most important projects for completion in month one and less important projects will be scheduled into your plan in months two and three.

Your monthly planning sheet is an integral part of your time management training system and will serve as your review document and will allow you to review your progress on a monthly basis. “What gets measured gets done”

Please follow the link below to download the guidelines on how to build your Monthly Plan.

Monthly Plan

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