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Create your Action List Explanation

This time management training  system will show you that after breaking your goals up into manageable, believable and achievable projects, you are still unable to begin taking any specific action that will actually allow you to achieve any of our Goals. To facilitate this you must break each project back even further, into individual steps or actions. Each of these individual actions, when completed will inexorably move you one step closer to completing each project.  These individual actions that you identify, become your action lists and are the foundation for building all of your monthly, weekly and daily action plans.


Project 1: Purchase Property at 37 Liverpool Street.

Project 2: Sign 5 year supply agreement with Newell Rubbermaid.

Actions: Call property owner and arrange a meeting to discuss purchasing building. Chad Gerhard +1968……………

By following these time management training systems, you will become sure that, when defining your actions to include the details required to complete each action. For example if you need to make a telephone call, include the telephone number. If the call is to an overseas destination include detail on time zone differences etc.

The tools offered in this time management training program will guide you to start your planning by building an annual plan, which is a broad outline of our planning needs for the next year, next we break this back into a monthly plan in which we define how we are to allocate our energy each week. Finally we develop a weekly plan in which we allocate windows of time for completing important tasks, which allows us to build a very effective daily plan in which we leverage the most from the available time. I will discuss this in far more detail when we complete the time, energy and activity management section of this program.

These time management training systems will allow you to define your actions carefully, so that they support each project. As you use this time management training system you will learn to invest as much time as necessary to ensure that you have identified the correct actions. This time management training intervention will show you that actions are facilitated daily and as such it is not that critical to spend too much time deciding if any actions are necessary. The more concise you can be though in selecting your daily actions, the less time you will waste on unnecessary tasks and the faster you will see results.  Each action must be specific and measurable and consist of items you are willing to action immediately.

Time management training is about self management, so begin taking action today and that will become the catalyst that will allow you to change your behavior and develop new routines. This will allow you to gradually close the gap between your current vision and future reality.

Success is not something you pursue, it is something that will simply arrive, when you make the decision to get the knowledge and skills needed to become successful and then you consistently apply inspired action to make that your new reality. Success is about what you become not what you acquire.
This time management training course will help you to carefully choose the actions you will take every day and develop the self discipline to consistently apply your inspired energy, to completing all the allotted task or actions each day and nothing can keep you from your success.

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