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Time Management Training Techniques South Africa

Creating your annual plan.

These tried and tested time management training courses will help you to begin the planning process, which we start by creating an ANNUAL plan that takes a slightly longer term view of the outcomes we want to realize. To start building this plan we need to revisit our goals that we created previously.

After completing the Goal sheet for each individual goal, you will have prioritized each goal and decided which of your goals you want to tackle first. The easiest and most effective way to ensure that you have the time and energy to give each goal the attention and focus it needs, is to segment your year into four equal parts of three months each.

Segmentation – Time Management Training Courses

The time management training courses, which we teach will show you that when you segment your year this way you allow yourself the chance to get complete clarity on how you are going to focus your time and energy. Choose a maximum of three goals to focus all of your energy on per segment.

If it is a really important or large goal that you have chosen to work on achieving, then I recommend that you devote all your energy and time towards realizing just that one goal.

By using these time management training techniques, you will very quickly see that, when you divide your year up this way and create an annual plan.  You are able to get far more clarity of purpose and you are able to build a picture in your mind of how your year will turn out. This will allow you to be more driven, passionate and also give you milestones against which you can measure your performance. Remember “What gets measured gets done”.

Please follow the link below to download the guidelines on how to build your annual plan.

Annual Plan Worksheet

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