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These Time Management training systems are tried and tested and use a pictorial representation of a system for understanding time management for easily identifying how you allocate and utilize your time each day. Please read the explanation below, describing how to identify where you are investing your time and see if you are getting the most from this limited resource.  When you create awareness around how you are investing your time and what type of activities are consuming most of this valuable resource, you equip yourself to improve your activity management routines and are able to get the optimum VALUE from your time.

Using the diagram above allows you to use this time management system and shows you the four different ways you can choose to invest your time and manage the type and importance of all the activities you habitually do every day. This time management training program will show you that you have 86400 seconds each day, if you don’t use them, you lose them. When you come to the realization that the most valuable thing you own is YOUR TIME, you can then accept that something this valuable should always be spent really wisely and invested in creating the life of your dreams.   You can never manage time; you can only ever manage your use of the available time and the activities you practice within the available time.

MANAGE YOUR ENERGY AND ACTIVITIES – Time Management Presentations.

Not urgent and not important – I cannot think of any reason to invest any of your time in this pointless area of time utilization. This way of expending your valuable time and energy is superfluous and as such you should strive to spend as little time in this area as possible. I would place sitting mindlessly in front of the computer, absorbed in reading junk emails squarely in this category.

Urgent and Not Important – If you identify that you are expending your valuable time in this area, you are allowing your life to be run by everyone around you. Issues that are important to other people, but add no value to your life fall squarely into this area. Do not allow people to constantly interrupt you throughout your day, with unimportant issues that are important to them and seem important in the moment, but only consume your time and add no value to your life or your productivity.

This time management training system shows you that, when you invest a lot of time and activity in this area, you feel like you have had a really busy day, but manage to accomplish very few meaningful outcomes, that will add any real value to your life and guide you toward realizing your dreams. This is a very unproductive way of expending your valuable time and is one of the main reasons; so many people never get to achieve anything meaningful with their lives. They spend so much time doing activities, that make them feel really busy, but do not add any value to their lives that they never get to spend any time developing and creating the right circumstances to realize their dreams. People get so accustomed to remaining on this treadmill of meaningless activity, that years go by and they just seem to remain trapped in mediocrity.

After completing this time management training program you will understand that one of the best ways to make more time available to invest into meaningful activities, that contribute positively toward your success, is to eliminate this time waster from your life altogether. If like most people, you are unwilling or unable to eliminate this type of activity from your life completely, then you must carefully manage how much time you invest into this unnecessary and unproductive time consumer. Set aside specific time slots in your day, by making meetings with yourself, where you allow for this type of activity. You must be very disciplined with this and make everyone aware that you are never available to handle this type of activity outside of this timeslot.

Urgent and Important – When you move into operating in this area of time utilization, you expend your energy on constantly managing crisis and you are kept really busy achieving very little, as you constantly just seem to be putting out fires. There are obviously times where unavoidable challenges may arise, that require your immediate attention. Obviously under these circumstances, your immediate and complete attention is required to manage and control the situation. Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. Never measure your performance against any challenges you are facing or have faced. Only question yourself when you keep repeating the same errors and you are facing the same challenges over and over again. When you begin to plan and organize your life properly, you will begin to spend less and less time on this type of activity. You get to free up this most valuable resource, for investing into creating the life of your dreams.

This time management training system At some point in our lives we all get knocked down. Spend as little time as possible licking your wounds, before you pull things together and get on with life. The measure of who you really are is never in the fact that you got knocked down, but rather how long you allow things to keep you down, before you begin taking the action necessary to get you back on your feet.

Important and Not Urgent – This is the zone where we should aspire to invest most of our time, for it is here that all our goals and dreams are realized.  Anything of value that you wish to achieve will be achieved in this zone.  Aspire to become aware of how you are investing your time and work to eliminate time wasted on Urgent and Not Important and Urgent and Important activities and allocate this time gained, to meaningful activities that will contribute to your success, fulfillment and happiness. When you learn to invest as much time as possible in the ZONE, you will have discovered the secret to living a complete, meaningful and satisfying life.

This time management training system highlights the fact that most people spend very little time in the ZONE of TIME, ENERGY AND ACTIVITY EFFICIENCY, as they are so busy wasting one of their most precious possessions on activities that contribute nothing to their long term sustainable success. Until you learn to apply this crucial principle in your life you are going to be stuck in the rut of mediocrity. Time, energy and focused activity, invested into preparing for opportunity and creating momentum toward realizing your goals and dreams is well spent, as preparation is fundamental to developing self confidence, a resolute belief in your abilities and setting the foundation for your sustainable success.  This is one really valuable investment that can only grow and is free from the ravages of negative sentiment

Stop allowing yourself to be so wrapped up in the job of simply making a living and surviving, that you never get to invest your time where magic happens and your dreams materialize. This takes conscious effort, but the results are most certainly worth the time and effort invested. Your path to realizing your full potential is found when you decide to manage your time, energy and activities by investing as much of this limited resource as possible in THE ZONE OF SUCCESS.

After completing this time management training program and understanding all the tolls and techniques offered you understand how to utilize the withdrawals, you are forced to make, every day from the “BANK OF TIME”. You don’t get to manage the size or frequency of the withdrawal; you only get to manage how you make use of the withdrawal. I choose to allocate each withdrawal to activities that fulfill me, make me happy and lead me closer to realizing all my dreams, how do you choose to invest yours?

“Build a program to prioritize your habits and then just go about developing one new one at a time.”

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