Time Management Training workshop – Conducting Your Daily Review – South Africa

Time Management Training workshop – South Africa

Conducting your daily review

Prior to starting your daily planning, you should take your daily planning document, from that day and compare it to the actual results you managed to achieve. Reward yourself for all the tasks that you managed to accomplish, by sitting back and allowing yourself to feel the warm glow of satisfaction for a job well done. This should only take a few seconds. This time management training workshop will show you that each small victory is that one small step closer to accomplishing the success you desire.

During this time management training workshop I will show you that this daily review process allows you to assess your performance everyday against expectations. During your review, if there are any tasks that you did not manage to complete that day, never admonish yourself, simply make a note of the tasks and make sure that they are top of your priority list for the next day.

If you notice a trend every day where you are neglecting to complete the required number of activities, then you must identify the reason. This lack of satisfactory performance can either be due to the fact that you have overloaded yourself with too many activities each day or you are not sticking to your commitment with yourself and are not keeping to your “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE”.

This time management training workshop will show you that both of these are counter productive, If your expectations are too high and you continually overload yourself with tasks each day, you will begin to feel overwhelmed and loose your drive and passion to succeed. The same is true if you are consistently breaking your commitment to keep your “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” and you keep changing your schedule due to work pressures. Until you make your “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” a top priority, you will remain trapped in mediocrity.

Always remember that If you measure something, it always gets done. This time management training program will show you that by reviewing your progress on a daily basis you are ensuring that you stay on track. This allows you to take any corrective action very early on. These small corrections are crucial to ensure that you are carrying out the right tasks every day.

Time Management Training workshop

Done for the day

A really important concept that you will learn from this time management training  workshop is “Done For The Day” this will highlight to you that you need to switch off from your responsibilities at a certain time every day. It is a very simple idea, but it empowers you to relax and recharge your batteries every day.

Applying this concept in your life is really simple.After you have conducted your daily review, created your daily plan for the next day and you feel satisfied with your performance that day, it is time to call it a day.

Choose a time each day, for example 19H30 each day. Blank this out in your dairy and when you get to this time each day sit back and relax and accept that you are “DONE FOR THE DAY”.

This time management training workshop will show you a really simple simple concept has a really profound effect on how you feel and think. Before you apply “DONE FOR THE DAY” concept in your life you never relax and recharge your batteries. You have ideas constantly running through your head, and when you do want to just relax, you feel like you are procrastinating and you torture yourself all evening.

During this time management training workshop, you are guided to see that this small shift will allow you to change the way you utilize your available time. Before you apply this concept in your life, when you try sit and spend some time with your family. You feel like you are procrastinating, you feel guilty that you are not working and you simply do not get to relax. This becomes a dangerous spiral and the less you relax and unwind each day, the less you manage to accomplish the next day, the less you manage to relax that evening etc, etc.

When you become comfortable with applying this concept in your life every day, you will get to completely unwind and relax every evening and set yourself up for a great day the next morning.  Relaxing watching television with you family, is exactly that. You get to completely recharge your batteries and are completely refreshed for the next day.

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