Time Management Training – Create the Life Of your Dreams – South Africa

Time Management Training Program – South Africa

Congratulations! You have just taken the first and most difficult step toward creating the life of your dreams and living in the magic of life!

I would like to thank you for entrusting me to offer you this time management training program and allowing me to act as your facilitator on your path of discovery. I will act as your “other conscience” and help you to stay on track and where necessary I will help you through the tough times.  I will celebrate your successes with you and will find ways to deal with any roadblocks you may encounter en-route to living your goals.  You will gain so much from this time management training program if you follow the simple tools and techniques I teach.

This time management training program will show you that we are creatures of habit and almost everything we do is governed by our beliefs and habits.  For us to begin to live in the world of our dreams, we must first accept that we are filled with habits and beliefs that are not serving us and then take the necessary action to change them.

Time management training is a process, not an event.  The first 42 days of this program we continue to do the very necessary work of changing your habits and beliefs that are not serving you and replacing them with SUCCESS HABITS. I will provide you with a set of tools that will help you to reprogram your brain and create a new set of neural connections.  Simply put, you will use positive affirmations, Meditation and visualization techniques to help you develop a new set of habits and beliefs that will serve you and help you realize your dreams.

This Time Management Training Program will help you to, Identify Affirmations that will serve you

After completing this time management training program and undertaking the crucial task of discarding those limiting habits and beliefs it is very important that you have a set of powerful affirmations to focus on going forward.  These affirmations must resonate with you and will serve as the basis for developing new habits and beliefs that will serve you and catapult you toward your success.

The tools offered in this program will teach you to write these affirmations on the second worksheet found by following the link below and email these to me for discussion.  Please take a hard copy of the worksheet and keep it next to your bed.  After listening to the 7 minute affirmation CD in the morning, and before listening to the seven minute affirmation CD before bed in the evening, please read the affirmations on your worksheet aloud to yourself at least three times each.  Please try to give each affirmation as much energy and emotion as possible, when you read each one, so that these two affirmations can very quickly become your new truth.

Worksheet Two

Remember it is through repetition that you developed the bad habits that are holding you from your success and it is only through repetition that you will be able to replace them and develop new habits that will serve you.

After completing this Time Management Program, you will answer the question, What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are statements that are stated in the present, that define a positive habit you want to develop or create as your new truth.  The bad habits that are limiting you and stopping you from living your full potential are effectively only neural pathways that can be reprogrammed.  The reprogramming of these neural pathways is facilitated by offering your brain new positive affirmations or beliefs, which through repetition will eventually become your new habits.

This time management training program will show you how we all operate on auto pilot, most of our lives and 96 % of what we do is governed by our habits.   It is for this reason that I spend so much time providing you with tools that will help you to discard habits and beliefs that have limited you in the past.  By developing new habits and beliefs that will serve you, finding your success will become as natural as unconsciously driving your car from work to your home every day.

Andrew conducts a really inspiring time management training intervention, he will show you that your new habits and beliefs will no longer limit your success, but will rather become the very catalyst that will create your success.  It has taken many years for you to develop these self defeating beliefs.  This time management training course will show you that it is going to take persistence and dedication and consistent repetition to develop the habits and beliefs that will serve you.  For this time management training to be successful, I ask for your complete commitment in this regard and ask you not to miss one day of repetition/practice as each day you miss will set you back virtually to the beginning again.

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, it is a habit.


How will the process work and what format will it follow?

I will provide you with information and techniques over the next three days that will help you to develop a set of success habits to replace your current habits that are limiting you and holding you away from your dreams. These processes will continue for the next 42 days.  You should use the weekends as an opportunity to catch up on any important tasks you may have missed the previous week, as such there are no worksheets or sms’s on weekends.

We will begin the important process of identifying our vision or TRUE LIFE PURPOSE. Your vision will serve as the starting point for your exploration into discovering the goals that will help you live our vision. This process will continue for three days next week. From Thursday you will begin to add as many goals as necessary to support your vision or life purpose.

After determining each goal and defining each one, projects will be established to support each goal. The next step is to determine individual action steps that will need to be finalized to complete each project. Actions are items that will be completed during the following planning or project week.

It is vital that you revisit each project on a weekly basis to measure your performance against projections. This review process may require the creation of a new set of actions, projects or even new goals if required.  Use what you have been taught in this time management training and you will see remarkable success.

What is the difference between a goal, project and a task?

A goal, is a large undertaking that when achieved will move you closer to living your vision. Goals can take anything from one to two years to achieve and in some cases your whole lifetime for really long term ones. Goals must always meet two criteria; HOW MUCH and BY WHEN. It may take numerous individual goals to lead you to living your vision.

A project, allows us to break our goals up into smaller chunks and each will require a number of actions to complete.

Actions, are one step processes that will, when completed, help you to finalize each project. These bite size chunks turn ominous really big goals into individual steps that are believable and achievable. These actions are the things you need to do the next week, to bring you one step closer to living your dreams. It will take many individual actions to complete each project.

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