Time Management Training – Lesson 10 – South Africa

Time Management Training – South Africa

Living on Purpose

The initial portion of this time management training intervention will show you that, when you are living on Purpose, everything will fall into place, you will be doing what you love to do, doing what you are good at and accomplishing what is really important to you.  You will have a basis for making all your major decisions, for setting and achieving all your life goals, and for having the insight to choose between opportunities. You will have the tool that will allow you to only pursue opportunities that will help you live your purpose.

This time management training system will show you that finding and clearly stating your True Life Purpose will not only get you to where you want to be, but will make the journey getting there really enjoyable.  Your greatest challenge right now is to discover how to best use your natural talents, resources and abilities so that they serve your highest cause for you, your family and the world as a whole.

Please follow the link below to download worksheet 9.

Worksheet 9

This time management training worksheet allows you to take a look at your personal and family relationships and how they fit your True Life Purpose or Vision.

All this preparation work will serve you when we start to define and state our goals next week.


What is my True Life Purpose or Vision?

After completing this time management training intervention and learning all the tools offered you will understand that your Vision or True Life Purpose is your true reason for being, your true vocation in life or the “right livelihood” for you? It is the one thing that when you discover it will breathe life into every thing you do and bring fun and fulfillment into your very being. Your True Life Purpose is the guidance system that allows you to gain direction for your life’s journey and allows you to organize all your thoughts and actions around satisfying this true essence that is you.

Learning to apply all the time management techniques offered is one of the benefits that will accrue to you after completing this time management training program, you will have a clear perspective around understanding why, your Vision or True Life Purpose is the WHY behind you every action and the thing that drives you to do what is necessary to live your dream life.  It is that huge feeling of energy in your belly that drives you forward, the why behind everything you do, your very reason for living. Once you find your WHY for living, everything in your life will become crystal clear. Your vision will serve as the starting point for your exploration into discovering the goals that will help you live our vision.

To live on Purpose, means that you are doing exactly what you love to do, doing what you really excel at and accomplishing everything that is important to you

 What is the difference between a goal, project and a task?

A goal,  is a large undertaking that when achieved will move you closer to living your vision. Goals can take anything from one to two years to achieve and in some cases your whole lifetime for really long term ones. Goals must always meet two criteria; HOW MUCH and BY WHEN. It may take numerous individual goals to lead you to living your vision.

A project, allows us to break our goals up into smaller chunks and each will require a number of actions to complete.

This time management training program will show you that actions, are one step processes that will, when completed, help you to finalize each project. These bite size chunks turn ominous really big goals into individual steps that are believable and achievable. These actions are the things you need to do the next week, to bring you one step closer to living your dreams. It will take many individual actions to complete each project.

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