Time Management Training – Lesson 17 – South Africa

Time Management Training South Africa

The Goal Achievement Process (Cont)

This time management training program is all about application and learning tools and techniques that will guide you to become very efficient and effective all day. You will start to understand that your thoughts, words and actions today, determine EXACTLY what your future will be like. Consistent patterns of thought and your daily deeds most certainly CREATE your future. Practice the success habit of only thinking thoughts and performing actions that are in line your vision of the future and you will create EXACTLY the future you desire. When you get a crystal clear picture of your future and focus on realizing exactly that, by applying inspired activity to everything you do, you get to predict exactly how your future will be, TODAY.

After completing this time management training program you will be equipped to plan for the future you desire, but will be certain that you are living in the NOW. If you live in the future you never actually get to live at all. You seem to spend all your time preparing to live. Planning for the future is crucial, but never allow this process to rob you of the happiness that is available right NOW.

This time management program which teaches you the Goal Achievement Process helps you face the facts that delays in the realizing of your dreams are just that, DELAYS. When you understand that you are not being denied your dreams that things will arrive when the time is right. All your dreams will be yours, if you continue to show tenacity in your will and consistency in your belief.

Manifestation should be called Manifest-action.


What is a goal?

A goal is a dream that you have identified, clarified, time defined, written down and committed yourself to make part of your future reality, by taking consistent, inspired action to achieve. Goals are merely the “what” you will accomplish and action plans are the “how” you will accomplish each goal. This time management training program will show you that, without a clearly defined True Life Purpose to serve as the compass that guides your goals and actions, you will continue to blunder aimlessly through life.

How do I get the most from the available time?

By using this time management program to implement your plan and take the necessary inspired action to achieve your goals, you will need a system to manage your time and energy. Your time management system must be effective and allow you to allocate time to important issues, whilst ignoring time wasting things, which do not serve your purpose or fit in with your vision.

The tools and techniques offered in this time Management program and goal achievement processes, highlights that the most valuable thing you own is YOUR TIME.  Spend it wisely, for you can never save time, you can only choose to SPEND it differently. Do you choose to invest your 86400 seconds each day, creating the future of your dreams or do you choose to spend it on frivolous pastimes that offer fleeting enjoyment at best?

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