Time Management Training – Lesson 12 South Africa

Time Management Training South Africa

What is Success?

This time management training intervention, is all about application, so before starting on the road to living your dreams, first define what success means to you. This clarity will allow you to discover the why behind your dreams and create the inspiration for you to do what it takes to succeed rather than what is comfortable. Once you have defined the promise (what does success look like) you will be prepared to pay a pretty high price (do what it takes) to succeed.

We explore the concept of becoming very efficient and effective in this time management training program and assist you to answer the question, have you got any idea what success means, what it means to you specifically? I believe that when you are living according to your life purpose, doing everything really well, when you want to do it, feeling complete joy and fulfillment, you have found success. What one thing, two things or ten things need to be in place for you to know that you have achieved success?

After completing this time management intervention, you will understand that that success is not arriving at a destination one day. Success starts the moment you become actively engaged in becoming the person you most want to be and you get to consistently do all the the things that make you feel good and are in line with the positive side of your internal guidance system. By acknowledging your successes and using them as a platform for building the life of your dreams, you create a solid foundation for living in the magic of life. Never focus on any setbacks you may encounter, find solutions to these setbacks or roadblocks and once you move forward do not revisit them again.

SUCCESS, like everything else in life is a choice. After completing this time management training program and learning the tools and techniques offered, you will stop trying to distract yourself from living your potential by pretending not to care. Take responsibility & risk failure, the rewards are worth the effort. Failure after all, will serve as you a learning experience or is merely a different form of delayed gratification. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO GAIN? EVERYTHING, a future that is in line with all your dreams!!!

Time management training is about self management, so give yourself the gift of always trying to see the good or even better the great in every situation. Remember!! How you view any situation or the attitude you project is always a conscience choice, develop the success habit of a positive attitude and demeanor, see opportunities in everything, believe in your potential and your journey into the magic of life starts now!!!

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 Life is on the line every day; you are trading what you do for it


How do I find Success?

This time management training program will show you that the hardest step, when making any decision is the first step. To achieve anything meaningful, you need to make a true commitment – (a true decision) to and for your success. Until you stop bouncing backwards and forwards always skirting issues, never making clear decisions, success will elude you.

If you want to make any philosophy, process, project or goal work in your life, you will need to use a dirty four letter word on a regular basis. The consistent and persistent application of this dirty word will reveal the success that has remained hidden from you for so long. That dirty word is WORK. By work I mean be industrious, be creative and make the most of your potential. Use your guidance system, namely your emotions to guide every decision you make. The emotion you should seek most is happiness. Any activity that will bring you more happiness and is in line with your vision, do more of that. Work, means taking inspired action consistently, that is in line with your life purpose that will deliver your dreams.

After attending this time management training intervention you will see that success is not something you pursue, it is something that will simply arrive, when you make the decision to get the knowledge and skills needed to become successful and then you consistently apply inspired action to make that your new reality. Success is about what you become not what you acquire.

Through effective time management training you will learn the skills necessary to begin taking action today and use all the skills you will learn as the catalyst that will allow you to change your behavior and develop new routines. This will allow you to gradually close the gap between your current vision and future reality.

Andrew is one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training, he will show you that in reality “Success is something you attract by the person you become”. As you move along the path of realizing all your goals and dreams, all the new skills you acquire, the knowledge you gain, the new success habits you develop and resources you gather are what makes success sustainable.

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