Time Management Training – Lesson 13 – South Africa

Time Management Training South Africa

Where, do you find Happiness?

This time management training interventions will allow you to realize that when you stop allowing your happiness to depend on what is happening in your environment, you stop being a victim of your circumstances and gain complete control over your happiness. You then become happiness and happiness is what you are rather than just something you are always pursuing. Until you begin to change your view around happiness and make a real choice to be happy, it will always remain out of your reach.

After completing this time management training intervention and learning all the tools and techniques offered we will show you that, when you seek happiness in acquisitions, you will always live an unfulfilled and empty life. The place to be happy is where you are right now and the time to be happy is as often as you allow. Happiness exists around and within you all the time, open your eyes and you will see it. Real and lasting happiness is found in relationships, appreciating simple pleasures, respecting/ enjoying nature and all actions that express love.

This time management training intervention is all about application and will help you to answer the question, what price would you be prepared to pay for the promise of a machine that would guarantee your happiness. Virtually any price??? You own just such machine right now; unfortunately it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Just because you don’t know how to use it, doesn’t mean you should waste all the joy it offers. Invest the time in finding out how yours works-it’s worth the price you may have to pay.

Andrew is one of the best time management training experts he will ask you to answer this question, have you ever tried to be unhappy with a smile on your face? After completing this time management training intervention, you will be equipped to answer the question, do our emotions manifest in our physical attributes and facial expressions or can we use our physical attributes and expressions to help us shift from an unhappy state to a more desirable one? Try putting a smile on your face when you are feeling down and see how much better you begin to feel. I have enjoyed amazing results by using this technique. Follow this simple process; it will help you to get control over your happiness.

Happiness is a choice, what do you choose?


 What is happiness?

The tools and techniques offered in this this time management training program will show you that happiness is a choice, with such incredible benefits on offer; it is surprising how many people miss the opportunity this simple choice offers. We all know how good it feels to be happy, if the only thing holding you away from feeling that good is your own internal choices. Why don’t you allow yourself the benefits and experience this all the time?

After attending this presentation by one of the best time management experts in the field of time management training you will realise that true joy and happiness never comes from what you have, it comes from having the wisdom to appreciate and enjoy what and who you are. Material possessions offer fleeting happiness at best, deep satisfying happiness is found in great relationships, giving and sharing, participating in simple pleasures, experiencing and enjoying the magnificence in nature and in all your actions that show love.

Happiness and joy are abundance generators. The abundance you will experience in all areas of your life is directly proportional to the amount of contentment, joy and happiness you consistently invite into your life.

Once you have completed this time management training course you will see that most people believe that there is something lacking in their lives, they either feel that they have a lack of money, romance, success or joy, which is holding them away from discovering their true happiness. The key to changing this is to accept that greatness exists in all of us and that all we have to do is look inside and find a way to pull that greatness and happiness out.

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