Time Management Training – Lesson 14 South Africa

Time Management Training South Africa

Decide What You Want

This time management training program will show you that if you want to predict what your life will be like in the future, have a careful look at what you are consistently doing, thinking and talking about. Does the picture that comes into your mind excite or scare you? Are you willing to let your future just unfold without you exercising any control or are you going to take action today to think, do and say the things that will deliver your dreams.

By utilizing this time management training intervention, and learning all tools offed, you will understand the importance of choice and that all the choices available to us, is what makes being human so wonderful. You can choose to either be a direct CREATOR of your daily circumstances or you can idle along through life and just be a CREATURE of your circumstances. Why choose to have negative thoughts or to take actions that don’t contribute to your success. Make the choice today to believe that not only is it possible, but it is possible for you. Then begin to take action to eliminate negative thoughts & unproductive habits from your life. Through consistent effort you will have fewer & fewer negative thoughts & you will begin to practice only actions that will contribute to your success.

Decide, clarify your WANTS and then develop a plan to make exactly that your future reality, success is really that simple.


 How do I decide what I want?

This time management training program will allow you to find the answer buried deep inside all of us are all the answers to this fundamental question of life. We know exactly what we want, but we pretend that we don’t care or that we don’t have any expectations, so that we can save ourselves from disappointment. This time management training program will show you that this very destructive habit is developed very early in life due to the negative input we receive from our well meaning care givers. They continually feed our young impressionable brains with reasons we can’t do things and then they force us to meet their expectations. This keeps them happy, but robs us of the very essence of who we are. By the time, the average child turns 17 they have heard the word NO!!!!!, 30 times more than the word YES.  This indoctrinates us into believing that we are 30 time more likely to fail than to SUCCEED.

NO wonder we are so terrified of discovering exactly what we want and then clearly defining it in line with our Vision. NOW is the time to break the bonds that are holding you from your potential and search deep inside yourself and unlock those deep rooted wants and desires. NOW is the time to accept them as your truth and make them your future reality.

Andrew is one of the best time management training experts he will show you that he has never heard of anyone setting themselves a life goal of wanting to fail or to be miserable. This time management training program will show you that we all have only the best intentions regarding our success and happiness and have varying perceptions of what success means to us. For most of us success means having power, money or status and to the rest, it may mean anything from living a spiritual life in the service of others to being a good parent or spouse.  Go on, apply the tools and techniques learned in this time management training and see how your life changes for the better.

If every decision or choice we make in life is made to improve our position and make things better. Why don’t we all live the lives of our dreams, all live in abundance and live our true life’s purpose? Why do so many people feel like failures, work in dead end jobs and never realize the abundance that is all of our birth rights? The reason is simple they never decide exactly what they want and then drift aimlessly through life, with no clarity or plan.

This time management training program will help you to make the choice today!  Discover exactly what you want and then use the tools offered to unlock your wants.

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