Time Management Training – Lesson 2 – South Africa

Time Management Training – South Africa

Develop Your Own Positive Affirmations

After attending this time management training program you will see that self-developed affirmations (ones you compose yourself) are the most effective positive daily affirmations.  To be truly effective, you must write your own affirmations and believe in them, they must have a profound impact on you emotionally.  When you repeat your affirmations they must energize you and resonate with you.  You must have complete faith and belief in what you are affirming is indeed possible for you.  Once you begin to believe that something is possible for you, it then becomes probable and then it will become your new reality.

If you believe it, you will see it.

This time management training program will show you that, without firm belief that everything you are affirming is possible, your affirmation practice will be futile.  An affirmation is really a deep rooted belief in yourself.  The desires and dreams that your mind can conceive, bear the seeds of probability and possibility and will manifest as your new reality over time.

When doing the processes outlined in this time management training program you will soon realise the importance of including as much emotion and energy as possible, into every affirmation cannot be emphasized enough.  You must be able to actually FEEL each of your affirmations.  Don’t just go through the motions of just repeating each affirmation.  The greater the energy and emotion you give to your affirmation practice the greater their impact.  Each affirmation must ignite an emotional reaction in you, each time you repeat them and must resonate with your inner self.

Be willing to take the risk to change Bad Habits and Beliefs

I have never heard of anyone setting themselves a life goal of wanting to fail or to be miserable. This time management training program will show you that, we all have only the best intentions regarding our success and happiness and have varying perceptions of what success means to us. For most of us success means having power, money or status and to the rest, it may mean anything from living a spiritual life in the service of others to being a good parent or spouse.

By utilizing this time management training system, you will be equipped to answer the following question: If every decision or choice we make in life is made to improve our situation and make things better for us. Then why don’t we all live the lives of our dreams, all live in abundance and live our true life’s purpose? Why do so many people feel like failures, work in dead end jobs and never realize the abundance that is all of our birth rights?

By utilizing repetition, positive affirmations, visualization and meditation we give you the tools to use neural plasticity to exchange bad Habits and Beliefs for ones that serve you.

Look At the Bigger Picture

This time management training system will help you to constantly maintain perspective and keep your eye on the big picture.  Try to observe patterns that may be emerging and what they may indicate.

  1. Are your actions moving you toward developing new habits and beliefs?
  2. How are your actions affecting your life?
  3. Are these actions serving you?

Habits developed by successful people

This time management training intervention is designed to help you identify which habits do not serve you and tackle one new habit at a time.  Developing new habits takes time and consistent effort.  Start today to create one new habit that will guide you toward your success and that will help you to evolve into that person you envision every day during your visualization exercises.

This time management system will help you to take a critical look at your current habits and try to identify patterns that may limit your success.  Tackle one of these limiting habits at a time and remove these obstacles to living your dreams.  It is also very important to acknowledge those good, effective habits that are leading you toward your goals.  With consistent effort your new habits will become part of your non conscious mind within about 30 days and they will become your new automatic responses that will guarantee your success.

Please click on the link below to access the Worksheet.

Worksheet Three

When change happens, you can either cooperate with it or learn how to benefit from it or you can resist it and eventually get run over by it.


How will the process work and what format will it follow?

After completing this time management training program I will provide you with information and techniques over the next three days that will help you to develop a set of success habits to replace your current habits that are limiting you and holding you away from your dreams. These processes will continue for the next 42 days.  You should use the weekends as an opportunity to catch up on any important tasks you may have missed the previous week, as such there are no worksheets or sms’s on weekends.

On Monday we will begin the important process of identifying our vision or TRUE LIFE PURPOSE. Your vision will serve as the starting point for your exploration into discovering the goals that will help you live our vision. This process will continue for three days next week. From Thursday you will begin to add as many goals as necessary to support your vision or life purpose.

Time management training will help determine each goal and defining each one, projects will be established to support each goal. The next step is to determine individual action steps that will need to be finalized to complete each project. Actions are items that will be completed during the following planning or project week.

It is vital that you revisit each project on a weekly basis to measure your performance against projections. This review process may require the creation of a new set of actions, projects or even new goals if required

What is the difference between a goal, project and a task?

A goal is a large undertaking that when achieved will move you closer to living your vision. Goals can take anything from one to two years to achieve and in some cases your whole lifetime for really long term ones. Goals must always meet two criteria; HOW MUCH and BY WHEN. It may take numerous individual goals to lead you to living your vision.

A project allows us to break our goals up into smaller chunks and each will require a number of actions to complete.

Actions are one step processes that will, when completed, help you to finalize each project. These bite size chunks turn ominous really big goals into individual steps that are believable and achievable. These actions are the things you need to do the next week, to bring you one step closer to living your dreams. It will take many individual actions to complete each project.

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