Time Management Training – Lesson 3 – South Africa

Time Management Training – South Africa

This time Management Program asks you to be Open to Feedback about Your Habits

In addition to the time management training skills you will learn after completing this time management training course, you will also obtain anew found awareness about the habits that are getting in your way, you may want to increase your awareness by seeking feedback from others who know you well. Ask, “What do you see as the habits or behaviors that limit me the most?” Look for common themes and patterns in the responses you get.

The tools offered in this time management training program will allow you to ask for feedback about your limiting habits can also be an opportunity to build awareness of your effective habits. Those are the strengths that you’ll want to build on and the Outcomes that you’ll want to create more of. Ask, “What are my habits or behaviors that most contribute to my success?” What should I make sure I continue to do or do more often?”

To access the worksheet for this section please click on the link below:

Worksheet Four

Change your Habitual Responses and you will get the Outcomes you Desire

This time management training system will show you that, most people keep getting consistent Outcomes in their lives. These Outcomes come from consistent and habitual Responses to their environment. To break this cycle, change and shift your Responses and create a set SUCCESS RESPONSES that will become your new habit set. This will allow you to get consistently better Outcomes and facilitate the creation of your ideal future.

After completing this time management training program you wil understand that, in order to identify the habits that are getting in your way, you may want to start with the Outcomes. How are you feeling in the different areas of your life? What actions and behaviors are contributing to those results? For example, are you feeling tired and fatigued much of the time? Do you feel burnt out at work? Are you feeling a lack of connection to your spouse/partner? Do you find yourself disagreeing and arguing much of the time with someone who is important to you? What are you doing to create those results that you don’t want?

Take 100 % Responsibility for Everything in your Life

This time management training course will show you that, when you learn to take full responsibility for everything in your life, you empower yourself to take control of your future. While you are traveling through the river of life, you must have a specific destination in mind and with dogged determination do what it takes to ensure that you head in that direction. If you just resign your future to the flow of the river and only begin to try to get control of your craft as you hit the rapids in front of a looming waterfall, you may never regain control. Take control today, you have everything to gain.

Response – Ability. When we accept RESPONSIBILITY for everything that happens in your life, you empower yourself with the ABILITY to RESPOND to everything in your life. This gives you the power to change anything If you don’t like it or to accept it if you do.

After completing this time management training program you will see that there is one letter different in the word BITTER and the word BETTER. BITTER robs you of your power and BETTER puts control in your hands. After completing this time management training intervention you will realize that when you choose to be better you empower yourself to make the necessary changes in your life to realize your true potential. Choose better, Better, BETTER and the results that will manifest in your life will astound you.

What is Your Inner Motive to Action?

After completing this time management training process you will see that, when you search really deep inside yourself, what really inspires you, what is the ignition source for the fire in your belly? Your True Life Purpose is your internal guidance system or compass that shows you the direction your life should take. Without your purpose serving as your compass in life, your goals and action plans will never truly fulfill you.

Please spend the next two days thinking about the question posed in red above. On Monday we begin the very important task of identifying and describing your vision or TRUE LIFE PURPOSE. The time you invest into answering this question will assist you to clarify and unambiguously state your vision.

You don’t want to get to the top of the ladder only to find that you are leaning against the wrong wall.


How will the process work and what format will it follow?

I will provide you with information and techniques over the next three days that will help you to develop a set of success habits to replace your current habits that are limiting you and holding you away from your dreams. These processes will continue for the next 42 days.  You should use the weekends as an opportunity to catch up on any important tasks you may have missed the previous week, as such there are no worksheets or sms’s on weekends.

On Monday we will begin the important process of identifying our vision or TRUE LIFE PURPOSE. Your vision will serve as the starting point for your exploration into discovering the goals that will help you live our vision. This process will continue for three days next week. From Thursday you will begin to add as many goals as necessary to support your vision or life purpose.

This time management system will show you that after determining each goal and defining each one, projects will be established to support each goal. The next step is to determine individual action steps that will need to be finalized to complete each project. Actions are items that will be completed during the following planning or project week.

Time management training teaches us that it is vital that you revisit each project on a weekly basis to measure your performance against projections. This review process may require the creation of a new set of actions, projects or even new goals if required

What is the difference between a goal, project and a task?

A goal is a large undertaking that when achieved will move you closer to living your vision. Goals can take anything from one to two years to achieve and in some cases your whole lifetime for really long term ones. Goals must always meet two criteria; HOW MUCH and BY WHEN. It may take numerous individual goals to lead you to living your vision.

A project allows us to break our goals up into smaller chunks and each will require a number of actions to complete.

Actions are one step processes that will, when completed, help you to finalize each project. These bite size chunks turn ominous really big goals into individual steps that are believable and achievable. These actions are the things you need to do the next week, to bring you one step closer to living your dreams. It will take many individual actions to complete each project.

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