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Creating Projects Explanation

This time management training course will show you why most people never manage to achieve their goals, simply because their goals seem too big, ominous and unachievable, so they never even take the first step toward, taking the action necessary to achieve them. The easiest way to overcome this very real stumbling block is to break all your goals down into small sub goals or projects. Break each goal back into smaller and smaller pieces (projects), until you feel that each piece (project) is both believable and achievable for you.

 Projects are those very manageable bite size chunks that you create when you break all your goals into smaller and smaller parts that you accept you can accomplish, with the application of a little inspired energy. As you work to complete each individual, easily achievable project, you progressively and almost effortlessly realize each of your goals. Each completed project gives you a great feeling of accomplishment and moves you one small step closer to realizing each goal.

The goals you have chosen must stretch you. When really big goals are viewed as a whole, they can appear really intimidating. As you commit to the process and consistently finish each project, you will easily be able to monitor your progress and you will see definite results. Over time you will realize all your goals by simply completing each of the small projects you have identified.

 Goal: I will have $ 30 000 000 in assets, namely fixed property, listed shares, plant and machinery, and business equity by 12 noon on the 31 December 2011


 Project 1: Purchase Property at 37 Liverpool street.

Project 2: Sign 5 year supply agreement with Newell.

Define your projects, prioritize the most important projects and tackle these first. You have already prioritized which goals are most important to you and this must obviously guide you when prioritizing your projects. Your projects must obviously be carefully chosen to ensure that they support your goals. Invest as much time as necessary to ensure that you have identified the correct projects. Time invested wisely toward choosing and implementing each project will save you ten times as much in the future.

Wrong projects = wasted resources

Poorly chosen projects or badly defined projects = slow or no progress toward your goal.

Lack of clarity = Vague results.

 Your carefully chosen projects are in effect a road map for your success. This is a time tested process that has been followed by numerous really successful people. If you are prepared to invest the time NOW in your future, you too can join that really exclusive club and live all your dreams.

Success is not arriving at a destination one day. Success starts the moment you become actively engaged in becoming the person you most want to be and you get to consistently do all the the things that make you feel good and are in line with the positive side of your internal guidance system.

When you look back over your life one day are you going to be filled with regrets for what could have been? Pretend right now you are at the end of the most amazing life possible. What do you see? Now all you have to do is create the habits, beliefs, vision and goals to support just that picture of possibilities and it can all be yours.

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