Commit To Self Delusion and Fail or Take Action And Watch The Magic Begin

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As depicted in a popular movie a few years ago. All that is required for you to have, do or be anything you want.  Is for you to sit in your living room chair and see the cheques coming through the post or your new car arriving in your drive, etc. I believe in the power of visualization, as it helps you to program your reticular activation system and to focus on acquiring only the information you need. This focus most certainly helps you to stay inspired and driven to succeed.

Knowledge and skill fueled by passion and powerful emotion equals inspired action and great results. Are you taking inspired action as defined earlier, every day, to achieve the results you want? Inspired action is the only ingredient that guarantees results. It becomes clear why so many people, who have followed the advice offered in the movie. People who believed that all that is needed for great success is powerful visualization and belief; have experienced such disappointing outcomes in their lives.

Only positive, inspired action (cause) will result in positive inspired reaction (effect). “Reaction” (effect) is the positive results that flow from your consistent commitment to take daily disciplined action. To understand this more clearly:

If you want anything positive to happen in your life:

  • You must think positive thoughts
  • Believe that it is possible for you to achieve
  • You must acquire the right Knowledge and skills
  • Apply passion and powerful emotion to your efforts
  • You must commit to take daily disciplined and inspired action

Sitting in your arm chair waiting for everything to miraculously improve in your life is not a form of positive affirmation, it is self delusion. There is a very thin line between Faith and folly. Success requires bundles of self confidence, self belief and positive affirmation. None of this is of any value though until you commit to take action and make things change for you.

So create that picture of success you want to see in your future. Visualize yourself living that future; believe that future is possible for you. But understand that things will only start to improve when you start to take action to make things happen.

We all have habits, some that serve us and some that don’t. Start today and develop the daily disciplines, routines and habits that will allow you to effortlessly take the necessary actions needed to succeed. As you commit to this new way of doing things, yes it will feel like things miraculously begin to happen in your life.

Replace your negative, dream killing habits with a new set of “SUCCESS HABITS” that allow you to carry out all the necessary daily actions that will make you succeed and you will have found the path to effortless, sustainable success.

Develop some momentum and commitment toward creating the future you desire. Pile as many activities as possible into your new commitment. Do your best, give your best and you will become your best. Pull the trigger on your success and break free from the forces that have kept you trapped in the average and take charge of your future.

This is a new day a new beginning, commit to take action, apply discipline in your life and stay committed to your dreams. When you do this you will see the magic begin and there will be constant and ongoing progress in your life. Try this new philosophy, all you stand to loose is a set of habits and beliefs that are not serving you and a whole lot of guilt and fear. Yet you stand to gain so much. This is the first day of your new beginning; can you start and finish this time?

Author: Andrew Horton Informative Motivational Speakers Johannesburg


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